Area Code 769

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Area code: 769
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
13, Feb. 2018

I am met with a pre-recorded message in what seems to be arabic.

31, Jan. 2018

after the message stops playing, they give you only one option to press a number to opt IN for doing business with them.

20, Jan. 2018

Same Company, same pitch, different number.

12, Jan. 2018

I've already left a comment on here but thought I would follow up. I called back and told them I'm LAW ENFORCEMENT, which I am, they IMMEDIATELY hung up. I kept calling back! And it doesn't even ring now! Call ended!!

12, Jan. 2018

Woke up to this number on my voice mail. Robotic voice that spoke broken english, claimed that their team was investigating me and my family for tax evasion or something like that. Told me that they've tried to contact for 6 months (obviously a lie), and that if I don't call back they'll download my 'file' to the |US court.

9, Jan. 2018

Now that the Obama care website is fixed, how about putting that team to work solving the problem of telemarketing calls?

9, Jan. 2018

They called on January 28, 2015 at 12:56PM.

5, Jan. 2018

Spammer calling at 8:57pm

3, Jan. 2018

Robocall stopped after 1 ring by the Nomorobo app, which I just got and quite appreciate. Call came at 9 am on a Tuesday.

2, Jan. 2018

also thursday, 10/29/2015, wednesday twice 10/28/2015

31, Dec. 2017

I received three calls in a row within 4 minutes on my prepaid cell phone.

29, Dec. 2017

What can I do to help?

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