Area Code 765

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Area code: 765
State: Indiana
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2017

I texted them last night and told them they were scamming me and they never once texted my number back.... I still try to call it but it still say the finger number.... plus I screenshotted this page and they stop texting me.....

20, Nov. 2017

Western Union told me that there was nothing that they could do.

19, Nov. 2017

This call came in as "Blocked Caller". thank you for helping me get rid of these annoying calls.

18, Nov. 2017

i have told them i am on the do not call list and to stop calling.

17, Nov. 2017

I ask everytime for them to stop.

15, Nov. 2017

I listen to the prerecorded message and then they tell me to press 1 to talk to a representative.

15, Nov. 2017

I also told them to put me on their Do Not Call List on 10/30/2013

15, Nov. 2017

They called 4 times again on Dec 2.

15, Nov. 2017

Auto call offers press 9 to opt out, but I have continued to receive these calls at the rate of one per month for several months.

14, Nov. 2017

wait 5-10 seconds and then speak.

14, Nov. 2017

Called me and asked if my refrigerator was running, When I replied yes they said I should go catch it. Very rude, made me feel stupid, I’m going to sue them now. With that money I will buy a bigger refrigerator, haha joke will be on them.

13, Nov. 2017

The voice sounds like it is talking in the present, but it is a recording that cannot be given a reply to stop the calls.

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