Area Code 765

Additional information:

Area code: 765
State: Indiana
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2018

Sometime 3-4 in a week.

23, Mar. 2018

Sound like one but Not a really person, i asked a question and he said sure and started talking about something not evem close. I asked a 2nd question and again he says Oh ok and started talkimg about an unrelated subject 3rd question i asked and the call disconnected.

23, Mar. 2018

Got a call from this number but I never answer unrecognized calls. I figure if it's important my ppl will leave a message. No voicemail was left. Most unrecognized numbers are spoofed by scammers these days. =(

22, Mar. 2018

This number calls at least 10 time a dayb(6)

22, Mar. 2018

If they wanted a response should have left me a message on answering machine.

17, Mar. 2018

This is a repeat violation.

16, Mar. 2018

Obviously, the company that called didn't follow any directions!

16, Mar. 2018

Caller stated he was calling because of my online application to 'study' on line. I told him I made no such application and to take me off his 'list'.

15, Mar. 2018

Wanted us to change energy provider.

15, Mar. 2018

These callers are getting away w/harassing people.

14, Mar. 2018

I spoke to someone who identified himself as Steven.

13, Mar. 2018

Incoherent message.

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