Area Code 763

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Area code: 763
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
24, Apr. 2018

I have been registered for a long time.

24, Apr. 2018

Have received a voicemail directly on my cell (phone never rings) approximately 15 times from this "Rachel" about my "business line of credit." No way to opt out of this irritating spam call and I have never inquired about a business line of credit nor am I interested in one. Completely irritating.

18, Apr. 2018

They have called 3 more times today.

18, Apr. 2018

Robocall, no answer when picked up or called to be added to teh do not call list.

17, Apr. 2018

It is fraudulent to say the least.

17, Apr. 2018

This is out of control. Do you have any idea the problems you cause by calling people that have a problem getting to the phone. Stop this harassment now.

cambridge mn
16, Apr. 2018

no message - multiple calls over several days

16, Apr. 2018

So, they are calling more people than me and they are not talking to them either.

13, Apr. 2018

Hello.Hello. Hello" , when my answering machine takes the call. Third complaint I have filed against them in so many days.

10, Apr. 2018

I am getting the same calls every 2 hrs also. I blocked the number but then another number started calling me every two hours, I'm sure its just another line the collection agency has.

7, Apr. 2018


6, Apr. 2018

I looked on the internet and there are many, many other people receiving multiple calls from this number.

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