Area Code 760

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Area code: 760
State: California
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2017

He talked about do I need home improvement .

17, Oct. 2017

Caller asked for "Mr. and Mrs. [my lastname]". I'm not married, so I assume they were looking for my parents (I get calls from telemarketers looking for my parents all the time, pretty mystifying as an adult who does not live with them). I said "No, this is [my firstname]". He asked again for "Mr. and Mrs. [my lastname]", I repeated "No, this is [my firstname]". He hung up.

Anony Mouse
16, Oct. 2017

Missed call, no message. This is a VOIP number registered to Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC in Kelso California 92309. They are a subsidiary of the PRA Group, Inc. Since there are many reports of harassment and spam calls from this group, I have blocked the number.

16, Oct. 2017

Recorded message to make money "$500,000" in my pocket. Recording said to press 1 for more info. I did not do this so as not to incite more calls.

16, Oct. 2017

hung up before listening to the whole message.

16, Oct. 2017

please return our call at 1-888-817-2153nand refer to case number 14937"."

16, Oct. 2017

They threatened us with raising our electric bills by double.

16, Oct. 2017

Scammers portraying to be the irs

16, Oct. 2017

however when it is recorded I can't tell them to stop calling

14, Oct. 2017

if you press one during the recording someone answers in Spanish.

14, Oct. 2017

NOTE: . - It's the same school that keep calling after I said I wasn't interested anymore

13, Oct. 2017

Please have them stop calling me.

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