Area Code 760

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Area code: 760
State: California
Country: USA
15, Aug. 2017

They called me twice. Left one 3 second message of silence.

11, Aug. 2017

This number calls non stop. I have 64 calls from this number in 3 days! Every time I answer all I hear is breathing and they never say anything. It's really scary. Every single hour this person calls. It has been such a scary experience.

8, Aug. 2017

This number whoever they are has been calling from 10;24 till 4;24 every hour.

Marin County CA
4, Aug. 2017

"Julian" has called our home numerous times w/o any message- annoying.

4, Aug. 2017

These people are trying to get phone numbers thru Facebook friends - it's illegal!

3, Aug. 2017

Recorded message that sounds real because of background noise. Asked if Chanelle was there, waits, then says "Oh well maybe you can help me..I'm a police officer"

27, Jul. 2017

Do not give these lowlife bottom feeders any info

26, Jul. 2017


23, Jul. 2017

I received a call from this number on July 22, 2017. the guy was telling me that my computer was sending alerts to their server and wanted to get me to log on so that they could help me with the problem. He also told me that my IP address was or could be used by people from places like Iran or other areas of the middle east. I was very aggressive in his desire to get me to give up the access and even, tried to tell me how to do it. But I was not biting. I told him I had protection through my own anti-virus software and I also proceeded to lead him further, by saying that I also had tech support through my internet provider. He still persisted. I had to finally make up something, to get rid of him. He mentioned something about how hackers were using Ransomware to take you IP address, but since I had some knowledge of computers, I looked up everything that he was talking about. He was wrong about his statements. In the end, I got rid of him and now here I am. He also gave me this tech support number above, which led me to this site. So if anyone gets a call from someone like this, hang up and don't follow any of his/hers instructions. IT'S A SCAM!!!

18, Jul. 2017

I called back and the local hospital's "patient financial services" department automated hold picked up

14, Jul. 2017

Number harasses people on cell phones. Caused an elderly person to run to phone and slip and fall. Turned over number to police.

13, Jul. 2017

After a pause, A woman's voice said my name. I said "Yes." Another pause, then the woman started talking. I realized it was a recording. They probably recorded me saying "yes." They got me. I have heard of this scam, but didn't think quickly enough to recognize it.

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