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17, Mar. 2017


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17, Jun. 2016

It sounds ike a real person but it is a reording and you can not talk to them.

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4, Feb. 2016

Then again today 11/01/2013 I was called 2 more times and again I told them to remove my number.

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22, Jan. 2015

Called a second time immediately after being warned that I was going to report that that number is no-call and that they should check the no call list.

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12, Jan. 2015

Please make them stop calling. They call up to three times a day.

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22, Oct. 2014

they claim I've won $5000 in a contest I entered. I never entered their contest. They have called me 3-4 times every day for the last 3 days. I've told them to stop calling, they haven't.

Real Person
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6, Oct. 2014

Nowadays, They are telemarketers from Solar City company active in Sacramento area. Very annoying and they have no idea of the company they just want to hook you up and then more bugging starts.

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3, Jun. 2013

This person is calling quite a bit to a cell phone - when I've called back - the line says it is disconnected. Another time, it was a man that sounded drunk. They call at all hours of the day/evening. I have resorted to not answering the phone but they will not stop.

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28, May. 2013

This was a voice mail broadcast message. I have not had any business with this company before.

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31, Mar. 2013

They are annoying calling at various times during the day and night!

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15, Jan. 2013

Received a text message from this number saying "Jen told me to send you this" I didn't realize right away it was a scam, I actually have a friend named Jen, I googled the link and sure enough other people posted about the same text message.

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12, Jan. 2013

I believe a robo dialer is being used. Very annoying.

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6, Jan. 2013

Sent this message: Jen told me to send you this Don't know who they are

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31, Dec. 2012

They called before on multiple occasions, always with a recorded voice. I've been on the National Do not call list.

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30, Dec. 2012

They call about 5 times a day from 2 different numbers.

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30, Dec. 2012

These guys call every week. I keep telling them they are soliciting a number on the do not call list, but they keep calling.

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25, Oct. 2012

Call constantly and when I answer there is no one on the line. Harassing phone caller.