Phone: 757-962-8857

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Norfolk, Virginia
Its exchange 962 is managed by COX FIBERNET COMMERCIAL SERVIC
The number is currently on switch number NRFLVAJTDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 45% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 22 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Directory OFC, Harris PRI"
9, Oct. 2012

Called wanting to know what schools I went to & colledge so they could update their agenda. Has called me twice, once in Sept & then yesterday. I never attended anything in VA. This has to be a scam because of that. Reporting caller

11, Oct. 2012

Same place called again. Woman said hello & hung up. Reporting caller again, this will make the 3rd time I'm reporting this phone number.

12, Oct. 2012

Reporting caller once again & will continue to do so until the phone call quit. Each call is an illegal activity being made to me who's on the do not call list & this place does not have permission verbally or written to contact me.

15, Oct. 2012

Reporting caller once again. I'm sure the do not call place loves getting all these complaints against this caller with other complaints being sent along with this one to them.

17, Oct. 2012

Called again, they didn't speak Reporting once again.

25, Oct. 2012

Called saying hello twice & hung up. Reporting caller once again.

15, Mar. 2013

Has called several times lately; never leaves a message. I don't answer because I don't trust them.

12, Apr. 2013

caller asked for james bond from alpha gamma row fraternity

15, May. 2013

the irresponsible idiot is now calling U.S. Governnment lines - would love to chat with this person if they would speak

30, May. 2013

10, Jun. 2013

Didn't pick up. Have no idea who they are, but Googled the name to fine this. Appears to be a scam.

25, Jul. 2013

Phone rings but there is never anyone on the line. Happens at least once a day.

14, Oct. 2013

New player in the nuisance phone call game. Who are THESE people? I'm not curious enough to answer the phone, though. Migod, I wonder if having a phone is worth it, there are so many garbage calls every day. And it seems impossible to stop them.

7, Nov. 2013

Called my number but didn\'t leave a message. Definitely not someone I know.

25, Dec. 2013

I've received two calls from this number at work. The call goes to my voice mail and they don't leave a message. Must not be that important!

1, Jan. 2014

These people call day and night, leave no msg. We are on the do not call list, what else do you have to do to stop these calls?

29, Jan. 2014

Same scenario as described above. Calling every night.

21, May. 2014

Caller ID says "Directory OFC"

1, Jun. 2014

I think the answer is to this annoyance is to not pick up. Eventually they will stop. I realize it is too late for some of you, so you have my sympathy. For them to ruin a credit score is criminal! I can\'t believe they have gotten away with this for so long and nothing has been done about them.

9, Dec. 2014

Keeps calling back to back and they never leave a message

5, May. 2015

This number has called my work phone, twice in two days.. I have not answered. I searched the number and I'm glad I haven't answered the call.

26, Jun. 2015

This number calls two to three times a day. I never answer. Looked the up and they say it's a scam. They need to stop calling!!!!!

24, Jul. 2015

I received call from this number and they did leave a voicemail asking to return call at 877-294-2950. The number I returned call to had no idea who I was or who called me and found out they were a dealership in NC and I live in CO. So calls from this number are wasting multiple people's time.

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