Phone: 757-296-0106

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Chesapeake, Virginia
Its exchange 296 is managed by PAC-WEST TELECOMM OF VIRGINIA,
The number is currently on switch number GRBRVAXADSZ (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 22% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 27 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Amber Wells, Amber Wells"
Wang Lee
8, Jun. 2012

This Scam message is just came to my mailbox, the message not mention to any NAME, just a blank message . "This is David Wells . My office is just received some paperwork that does involve you , I would to give the opportunity to provide your own input regarding this matter, I don't think you aware because of the situation, please take the time to return my call I can be reached at 757-296-0106, again my number is 757-296-0106 . Thank you for your time ."

14, Jun. 2012

"This is Amber Knight. My office is just received some paperwork that does involve you , I would to give the opportunity to provide your own input regarding this matter, I don't think you aware the situation, please take the time to return my call I can be reached at 757-296-0106, again my number is 757-296-0106 . Thank you for your time ."

19, Jun. 2012

24, Jun. 2012

I just let them talk to voice mail. I put them in my cell phone that way I know who it is and don't answer the call. However, I did think about calling them and give them the same speech. LOL.

2, Jul. 2012

I also recieved a call from these folks. I always screen calls via no ring and voice mail. I believe they have called several times prio without depositing a voice message

11, Jul. 2012

Yet again David and Amber call about nonspecific "paperwork" or "documents." These are dishonest people- be warned!

13, Jul. 2012

call from David wells used my name!! says he has legally requied documents to deliver has 2 adress for me needs to know which is residence wants me to call back. i have also gotten call from the amber knight person in the past. i will not be calling back

13, Jul. 2012

Hi this message is for Beth S. My name is David Wells I have some legal papers I need to give you, I have two different addresses one is your residence and the other is your work, please call back so there won't be any confusion as to which one, thank you for your time. Needles to say he won't be getting a call back and his phone number will be blocked from him calling me.

28, Jul. 2012

This is David Wells still trying to reach you regarding your paper work, ah my office is open today until 5:30. I'd appreciate a returned call I've left several messages if you cannot return my call before 5:30 please have the courtesy returning my call leaving a message with the best time to call you back. I can be reached at 757-296-0106. This is the second call in one week from these yahoo's the first was a lady and I wouldn't give her any information because she couldn't tell me what this call what about.

10, Aug. 2012

Several attempts to reach you and make you aware before proceeding. This number has never called me before who knows

10, Aug. 2012

Left message on my machine this afternoon stating he has some preliminary paperwork from me and had tried numerous times to contact me (1st message I received) and would proceed without me if I didn't reply. Asked me to return call so he could at least advise me about this matter (unknown and not specific). He left no name or company name. Angered me due to tone and demeanor, so I attempted several times to return call to unleash my temper. No answer. Better not call me when I am Home. Also attempted to block call, but it can't be blocked!

16, Aug. 2012

left the same message as above and added situation will escalate unless I get a statement with this matter

16, Aug. 2012

Same type of comments as above.

16, Aug. 2012

Another message today. David Wells left name this time. As above comments stating he needed my response before "it" was marked for escalation. Angered me past the point of blowing off. I called back immediately, and after about 10 rings got answering machine. I left a very harsh and firm message ordering them not to call my number again. Next, I called my towns police dept. and gave them info. and filed complaint. I was told to call them back and tell them to stop calling and that they had been turned in. If they didn't stop an officer would call. Made the call and someone answered! Spoke with Eric Pawl and asked him what company he represents. He said CKS. After some discussion, appears they had my number attached to the wrong name (someone they were after for debts). He said they would remove my number from there system within 24 hrs. Hope this ends. Paul was pleasant in his demeanor handling me, as livid as I was. He did say David Wells was present (but gave me the impression he may be busy). If this is a legit collection agency, they are the elite collectors due to deception and ruthlessness!!

18, Aug. 2012

1 call 8/16/12: left message saying I had to call a particular number regarding my "paperwork" so he can "advise me of the situation" . Another call 8/17/12 saying I needed to call a particular number by a certain time, EST today or Monday regarding my paperwork, so I can be advised of situation. The call 8/16 ended with the 0106, the call on 8/17 ended with 0117. The prefix and 1st 3 numbers of the phone number are identical on both calls.

Not indebted
22, Aug. 2012

I have received multiple voice mails from this number. The caller never identifies himself or who he represents, just states they have attempted on numerous occassions they have attempted to reach me. Further states they are working my file and urgently need to speed with me but don't even mention who they are specifically attempting to contact. Getting sick and tired of the harrassing calls.

wrong person, dumbass
6, Sep. 2012

Two days ago, I got a call from some flake called Amber Knight.. This is the # she called on. 571-482-4734.. Today , David Wells.. Whoever they are looking for, no longer has this cell #. HELLO?? Wells called from the 757-296-0106 #. I have a cell carrier, that allows me to block 100 #s, from calling me Guess where these BS phone #s go to?? Keep calling dumbasses. All I do is block your dumbass #s. and will keep on blocking your dumbass #s. Get a life, and a real job. Im not it.

10, Sep. 2012

I got a call from Amber at this number 'concerning a situation that involves me" and to call her back. When you call the number it just rings and rings.

26, Sep. 2012

9, Oct. 2012

Amber Knight (757-296-0106) called me yesterday and David Wells (571-482-4734) called today. Same message as everybody else, as in calling regarding a legally required notice and they want me to call because they are unable to verify my current address. They never said who they were calling for, nor where they were calling from.

3, Dec. 2012

I have received calls from David Wells, AMber Knight, Mr. bowman, Jackie Neiman, Ms. Freeman, Ms. Fritz, and Ms Harris - seems like a scam to me

13, Dec. 2012

david wells office calling about paper work for debt and also to set up payment on debt offering several solutions of which they will record . the offer with you . i did it once with notice of immediate action ,and nothing happened its been a yr now what they do is intimidate you with threats ,but they hold no wait in court they act like they have a courier service ready to serve you papers ,but the fact is that is has to be officer of the law ie constable ,sherrif etc. debts are sold from company each one trying to collect something anything sometimes ,once a made a stelment of $1000 for just $55 because that is all i told them I had be steady with them and they will accept once they do it is over

3, Jan. 2013

she left a voice mail message twice for me to call her back regarding a legal matter that I might not know exists. She left her number 757-296-0106 twice in the same message. My voice mail is a generic with no name or phone number listed in the message and Amber does not say who the message is for.

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