Area Code 754

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Area code: 754
State: Florida
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2018

This number called left no message

22, Mar. 2018

I have never heard of this company and did not submit any type of loan application.

21, Mar. 2018

I don't work in sales.

18, Mar. 2018

Call and hung up multiple time but out of service when I call back

14, Mar. 2018

Valid call regarding my expired CC on my autoship with

13, Mar. 2018

just received a voicemail from them stating I have 4 serious allegations against me & if I don’t call them back within 24 hrs I will find myself in custody of local police. This is the 2nd phone call in 2 months. From the 1st call I knew it was a scam (stating I had serious allegations pressed on my name) & have never returned their call. My husband told me these scammers take thousands of $$ from naive people claiming they will clear their name(make it all go away). It’s a scare tactic & obviously it works because they do it all the time. I’ve tried to find out why they are not being handled themselves by the “authorities” because their actions are criminal, but it seems it’s almost impossible to trace the phone number. With technology today, it makes no sense to me how this number can’t be traced to someone.

13, Mar. 2018

a robotic voice gives a verification code, i dont why or what for... some people says its about whatsapp but i dont know..

9, Mar. 2018

no message and no opt out option.

9, Mar. 2018

There was a recorded message playing when I answered, asking if I was interested in an Orlando vacation.

9, Mar. 2018

Just do like I do and post a Craigslist ad and list the numbers as the contact #. Trust me, a free horse or free firewood, or free car rims will guarantee a TON of calls. BYE!!!!

9, Mar. 2018

Taken into custody? Arrested? I’m so distraught oh my, here’s my address I guess I’ll wait for the authorities to show up. But wait- here’s my credit card # and my DOB. ( you piles of 💩💩💩💩) hahahaha

8, Mar. 2018


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