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Phone number: 754-444-2036

is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

in the 444 exchange.

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Latest people reported the number as that of "Lauren Foster, Fake"

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I am so glad I googled this number before I went any further with applying for this Housekeeping position. Like the saying goes if it's too good to be true, it probably is!! I received an email back after responding to an ad on Craigslist from someone named "Mcwilliams Worthington" (the name itself should have threw up all sorts of red flags) offering me a housekeeping position that not only pays $350 a week, but also he only wanted to me to work no more than 10 hours a week (that's basically $35 an hour). This person also claims that their employer is making him and his family relocate from Florida to Rochester, NY but of course never mentioned what company he was employed by. Also this person not only offered to mail me a check upfront without even meeting me in person they also offered to have their Realtor mail me a set of keys to the apartment that they would be moving to in a few weeks so that I could do the grocery shopping before their plane landed. But get this, I try calling them back on this "fake number" 754-444-2036 that is suppose to be his contact number and I get a recording that says "the Google subscriber you have called is not available, please leave a message after the tone." Which makes absolutely no sense for someone to trust you enough to prepay you for work you haven't even done yet and offer to give you a set of keys to their home but they cannot disclose what their real contact number is? Unbelievable... please beware people.

Reported 7, Apr. 2013.

I responded to an ad on Craigslist looking for a babysitter/nanny for her/his 2 children: one a 2 yr old daughter and the other a 4 year old son. This person's name is Emilson Worthington. She/he told me that they were moving from Florida to Worcester because of her/his job. This person said that they were having the headquarters of their job mail me a check in advance for my first weeks pay and enough to purchase food for the children. The place this person supposedly works for is Cargill, Inc. Having a bad feeling about someone who is willing to put her children in the care of someone they've never met and never have spoken to on the phone sounded suspect to me. I decided to find the number to the headquarters of Cargill and called them. After explaining the situation and being forwarded to their security department they informed me that this person has NEVER worked for their company and that it is a scam. Security of the company went on to explain that these people will send a check and as soon as it is deposited in my bank account they will have all my banking information to do with as they please. I received an email and text this morning from this "Emilson" person saying the check is in the mail and that I'll get it this morning and to deposit it in my bank today. I am thinking, instead of shredding the check, I should bring it to my local police department, especially if Cargill, Inc is supposedly the one who sent it to me and report the situation. I know they cannot do anything but, at least it'll make them aware of the scam just in case someone else reports the same thing but, I don't know.

Reported 18, Dec. 2013.

i was told i got the housekeeping job i was so excited because i needed a job when the check came i took it to my friend he said it was fake idky they do this but it isnt kool n someone needs to pay for this!"!

Reported 22, Jan. 2014.

Be careful, this guy is not exsist Don't trust him If you receive a check, don't deposit it in your bank This is FAKE FAKE FAKE

Reported 12, Mar. 2014.

I got the same housekeeping scam...please don't trust him. I am very disappointed that someone could do this

Reported 1, Oct. 2014.

I received the job offer through a babysitter website for Lauren Foster. She said she was being relocated by her company and needed a nanny for her 2year old daughter and 4year old son. luckily, I looked up the number and researched a little more about scams before it went to far.

Reported 26, Feb. 2015.

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