Area Code 740

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Area code: 740
State: Ohio
Country: USA
14, Jul. 2017

Wanted me to give permission for my brother to get documents for me.heck no don't talk to him.i asked them what for no answer ask for there supv what they wanted it for they hung up called right back number was disconnected.

12, Jul. 2017

This number said it was a hospital out of Ohio .Not true.

8, Jul. 2017

Everytime I ask them to stop calling me and take me off their list they hang up.

8, Jul. 2017

If you are still there press any key.

8, Jul. 2017

you must be outta your mind.

30, Jun. 2017

have received a few calls from this place and decided to call back. A man answered. Man: May I speak to Vincent? Me: Speaking Man: May I speak to Vincent? Me: That's who you got. What you want? Man: I'm with United Healthcare. Me: Not interested End call

30, Jun. 2017

It's a scam. Just got the call

29, Jun. 2017

continues to call. Get message the Google subscriber cannot be reach but leave a message. Extremely annoying with no message left after calling at all hours of the day.

27, Jun. 2017

Two key reasons not to be alarmed by this bullcrap, harassing phone call: 1. If you are having issues with the IRS, ;they are going to contact you by letter in order to set up a paper trial to determine your degree of noncompliance. They are too powerful with a whole lot of enforcement power to get on the phone and play games with people's emotions. If anything, the IRS is much too professional to resort to this sort of harassment. 2. They never mention your name. If they are legitimate, they would identify you by name, your birth date, your social security number and other personal identifying info to establish their officialdom. Because they do not mention name, it basically puts this on the same level as a robo-call. Ignore this, report this to your carrier (it shows up as "scam" via T-Mobile) and see if you can block this call. They are persistent and will change numbers in an attempt to fool you.

27, Jun. 2017

Called my cell but noticed the comments so I just blocked

26, Jun. 2017


21, Jun. 2017

"someone from this number called about a pain relieving brace......" An obvious scammer.............

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