Area Code 740

Additional information:

Area code: 740
State: Ohio
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2017

Another scam for $3000 in free groceries.

20, Nov. 2017

Called me again not 20 mins later with same silence.

Pat Allen
20, Nov. 2017

Successfully blocked by No More Robo calls (free service for all land lines and VoIP).

19, Nov. 2017

I have also gotten a call from the following number 813-663-6719 on Dec 2 at 4:06 PM Also 713-489-7846 on Dec.1 at 7:07 PM

18, Nov. 2017

They had an India Nationality accent. They wouldn't name their company & they wouldn't name their phone number. They wouldn't affirm when I demanded that they take me off of their calling list. I repeatedly advised them "Do Not Call" my number.

17, Nov. 2017

person called this number and b(6) 3 times within 10 minutes.

17, Nov. 2017

I have filed over 100 complaints on these people over the past couple years.

17, Nov. 2017

Has called a number of times, never leaves a message.

17, Nov. 2017

Told me that I owe them $600 and $2,700 in court costs.

16, Nov. 2017

This number calls repeatedly and then hangs up when I answer. When I try to call back, I get a message "all staff are busy at this time".

16, Nov. 2017

I have made five separate attempts to be removed from their call queue with no success.

16, Nov. 2017

microsoft has an automatic re-dialer and never leaves a message.

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