Phone: 740-969-6805

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Amanda, Ohio
Its exchange 969 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number CNCNOHBVDS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 3 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "ohiocall7409696805, Children's Cancer Network"
29, Oct. 2013 Reply

This number has called several times, leaves no least once a week.

11, Dec. 2013 Reply

Calling for donations for Children's Cancer Network. Informed them I was on DNC list, but they said they were exempt. Also said they had been having problems with their auto-dialer.

yet another telemarketer
23, Jan. 2014 Reply

This rang @ 8:22PM, unknown # so let it ring.I am on do NOT call list--see they told another of their victims they are exempt-----TOUGH----i'm on the do not cll list because i do not want to be bothered w their foolishness & i will let them know!!!!!! ONE entry says cancer network.... a lot of the cancer stuff is money makers for the drug companies & hospitals. I will NOT donate----my husband has dr bills & no one is doing a call campaign for him. Above entry says they told someone they had auto dialer trouble, break the thing......if they aren't ready to call me & talk to me only doubly do NOT call me......i do NOT hold for any time matters too.

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