Phone: 732-813-5612

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Freehold, New Jersey
Its exchange 813 is managed by WINSOME PAGING, INC.
The number is currently on switch number BYNNNJAXCM8 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 57% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 40 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Freehold, NJ, none"
18, Feb. 2014

Saying that I need to pay them or they will have the cops tomarrow morning and im going to jail and will get 5 to 20 years . I dont have a loan with no one but my banks. what ever I told them to come get me.

19, Feb. 2014

Started off talking about Life Insurance, so I just hung up on her

19, Feb. 2014

i don't know who you are please don't call my number and you will not get no personal information from me and you can't force me to give it to you

20, Feb. 2014

Calls are haressment - Contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) ... and the CFPB (Consumer Financial protection bureau ... Also check with your state's DOJ - department of Justice and file a local police report. You can also add in contacting a lawyer for a Class Action Suit. Fraud and haressment is not ok. You can sue them for these calls

23, Feb. 2014

I found this number on my cell phone this number had called. Do not recognize the number. Would not answer it if I saw the number when they called on 2/20/14 @ midmorning approx. . Looked the number up on computer and it gave me this website to report this call. Their number is 732-813-5612. Previous persons who rec'd calls from this number were threatened with arrest, or solisted for insurance. Scammers need to be caught and prosecuted!

7, Mar. 2014

DO not call me anymore. I will contact FTC and local police if you continue call my number.

13, Mar. 2014

Called my cell on 3-13-14, didn't recognize # so didn't answer and no message left.

13, Mar. 2014

Called my cell#. I did not recognize number, so did not answer. No message left.

13, Mar. 2014

When I checked my cell for incoming, this number was logged in as missed, but no message was left. I do not know this number.

18, Mar. 2014

hung up when rolled into voice mail. I don'y use this phone, it's for emergencies only, gave it to NO ONE ATT sells our numbers to these guys

19, Mar. 2014

Called my cell phone. Left no message. Previous reports indicate that 732-813-5612 calls are ploys to get personal/financial information from you. Do not answer calls from 732-813-5612

19, Mar. 2014

Called my cell. I answered and when it took to long to hear anything I hung up. Second random call today.

Josh Nya
20, Mar. 2014

Rang twice for longest time as I couldn't get to answer first time and decided not to answer due to unidentifiable number. "They" left no message.

21, Mar. 2014

Who is this guy that keeps calling from this number

Random Internet Nerd
21, Mar. 2014

Rang twice just now, I answered & heard nothing for 30 seconds or so after saying hello 2 times so I hung up.

Don't Know Karate but know Krazy
21, Mar. 2014

Lesson: Never answer a no. you don't know or even return the call. Do a google search first.

Cleveland, Ohio
24, Mar. 2014

I had no idea where the b***h was calling from. I asked her if she was a computer. She said "Hello". Then I told her that she sounded like my GPS system. At this point she got offended and said " I disturbed you.". I said "Farewell". I think she hung up first.

25, Mar. 2014

I don't answer numbers I don't know, Google first always! According to these comments, it's a scammer. They just called my cell, and didn't leave a message. I won't be bothered by them again though! Thankfully Apple gave us an option to BLOCK numbers!!

27, Mar. 2014

I didn't even get a chance to answer, as it didn't even really ring. Just showed up as a missed call. I did as others have and looked up the number in google and it gave me this website. Noticing comments I know it's a scam

They are scammers
27, Mar. 2014

They try and get you to pay a bill you never had from years ago so you won't remember and get you to go to walmart and pay them by wire transfer or a untraceable money card. Do not give them any info. They may have little info on you but doesn't make it legit. They threatened to have me arrested and the cops would be at my door tomorrow. They did this same thing to me last summer and I threatened to call the FBI and they hung up on me and now I get a new call from them on 3/27/14 and didn't answer and they left no voicemail but blocked my number from calling them back. So I called them from my brothers phone with no problem and it just rang and rang. Don't let these lazy good for nothing's scam you out of your hard earned money. They just try and use scare tactics to get you to pay them. Scum bags deserve to get what they get. Block the number or report it if possible and they use go phones so it's not as easy to trace.

8, Apr. 2014

Answered the call and its like a robot asking me how am I doing today. I just hung up.

8, Apr. 2014

Unknown caller. I've made an effort to screen these calls and look up the number after the fact. People who really need to reach me will leave a message.

18, Apr. 2014

called and started selling life insurance, asked for personal information

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