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16, Feb. 2018

Getting frequent calls from this number, they do not leave a message to advise who'd calling.. Block it!

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10, Feb. 2018

Called 20 times in one day call every 15min no message

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21, Nov. 2017

this is the 2nd call in 24 hours

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29, Oct. 2017

Just got call and asked for me by name. I asked who was calling then they asked to speak to my spouse. I told them spouse was deceased (true) and they went into their pitch about some law enforcement nonsense. Goodbye.

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10, Jun. 2017

used a noise machine and they hung up

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6, Oct. 2016

I undderstand the FTC already found these people guilty in July 2013

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15, Sep. 2016

Asked me to press one to speak with someone.

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12, Sep. 2016

I am on he Do Not Call Registry, yet keep getting telemarketer calls.

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10, Mar. 2016

Asked for my husband. When told he was working they hung up

Heather J. Tovar
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27, Jul. 2015

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13, Oct. 2014

This company robocalls every week, and I will continue to report them

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12, Apr. 2014

This number calls my number every day, twice a day.

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15, Mar. 2014

We received several calls from this company with different telephone numbers. The last call was today. We told them many times that we are not interested in doing business with them, unfortunately they don't listen. Thank you.

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9, Feb. 2014

We answer and nothing happens. No recording. No person on the line.

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17, Sep. 2013

This number proceeds to call me everyday. At first it was in the morning and now they call in the afternoon, too.

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8, Sep. 2013

They called this afternoon, Sun. 9-8-13, and I decided to give them a "dose" of their own medicine! I spoke in Mandarin-- not English, and they hung up immediately. On my Panasonic phone, I will "block" their # so they cannot get through should they decide calling me again!!!

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25, Jun. 2013

These are soliciting calls. Annoying messages.

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14, Jun. 2013

When I informed the caller I was on the Do Not Call list he replied, "so what, what are you going to do about it?"

Want to Fuck Shoreline
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27, May. 2013

This Shoreline America Mother Fucker Calling everyday . They are Scammer basturd of whole USA. Fuck them Hard from Front and Back . Do it Now !

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20, Mar. 2013

We put ourselves on the do not call list years ago, but, still find we get automated calls. When I wait for a live person, they will not give me the name of the company, and hang up. I shouldn't have to press a # key to get them to put me on their do not call list. I should not have gotten the call at all.

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15, Mar. 2013

This number calls multiple times every day!

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13, Mar. 2013

Unsolicited junk text message from this number!

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26, Feb. 2013

When they call, you get a recorded message. They ask you to hit 9 so you can talk to someone then hang up when i ask them to remove me from the calling list. Please make them stop.

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22, Feb. 2013

This number call at least two times a day. No one on the line, calling back just gets a recording. no one to talk to.

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6, Feb. 2013

These people call a lot, but never leave a message.

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6, Feb. 2013

They call every week. Getting really annoying. Must likely they are trying to scam me.

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26, Feb. 2012