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Phone number: 732-201-5018

is located in Keansburg, New Jersey.

in the 201 exchange.

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Latest people reported the number as that of "G S L E O A, GSLEOA"

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732-201-5018 is from the Garden State Law Enforcement Officers Association.  Do not know if it's legit or not.  Collects donations for families of slain officers.  Sounds like a great cause but when Googling this organization, it did not produce favorable reviews.

Reported 27, Jun. 2013.

I get calls from this number every day, no message left, just hangs up when I answer. I don't this is a legit number

Reported 27, Jun. 2013.

They call every day & when I answer the call, they don't say a word,.....what's the point of that?

Reported 28, Jun. 2013.

First time this number called. grPhone rang three times at 9 pm. I didn't answer. No message left.

Reported 29, Jun. 2013.

man yelled at me for asking what they wanted

Reported 6, Jul. 2013.

its a scam

Reported 7, Jul. 2013.

It was a male that called saying he was from the GSLEOA looking for a donation if they would send me info through the mail,I hung up on the guy,I knew it was a scam. How do these dirtbags get to operate anyway? anybody know?

Reported 8, Jul. 2013.

when answering phone there is no one there, looks like someone is playing games.

Reported 12, Jul. 2013.

Very loud, authoritative female voice demanding to speak to my husband (used his first name). When I used MY most authoritative voice to ask "whose calling," she said she could barely hear me and would call back. Never happened. What a scam!

Reported 30, Aug. 2013.

They've called before, I decided to answer this time. Gruff man, sniffling and coughing with lots of noise in the background. Asked how I was, I said good, asked how he was, he said, "Hangin' in like a loose tooth, but you're still a good woman." WHAT?! Even if this were a legitimate organization, this man is terrible representation. The Police Unity Tour originated in my town, and I support that organization, and I told him as much. I hope they got the message.

Reported 1, Sep. 2013.
Tired of fundraising scams

Garden State Law Enforcement officers Association - the poor cousin of the FOP. A feeble attempt to play on sympathies to collect SCAM Money! Look at the list of "members". No Edison, No Metuchen, No Middlesex County. Looks to be a group of Monmouth County castoffs who don't belong to/support the PBA.

Reported 11, Sep. 2013.
SCAM Alert

Trying to collect money for "Slain officers families" but this is a SCAM. See state Consumer Affairs report at: http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/charity/inquired/2012B/Garden%20State%20Law%20Enforcement%20Officers%20Assn.pdf showing 78.6% of the money raised goes to "fundraising expenses" and "management expenses". DON'T Give your $$$ here!!!

Reported 11, Sep. 2013.

I have gotten calls from this #732-201-5018 I do not answer...the person calls me by my first name, as if it is someone I know! Very polite, but let it go to voice mail. I have been called also by people pretending to be from the FDA......different #'s saying they have a warrant for my arrest and a Search Warrant for my home Never answer The police dept. does not seem to take any of this seriously. WHY?

Reported 16, Sep. 2013.

If you read the earlier remarks, you get a fuller picture of what goes on here. GSLEOA siphons off the majority of its collections to line the pockets of the staff and managers. It's a real shame to see a worthy cause hijacked by a team of callers, whose primary goal is self enrichment.

Reported 17, Sep. 2013.

Got another call from this number. lots of confusion on the other end. They never said hello and then they hung up on me. If this happens again I am calling the police since I now have an address from where this is coming from!

Reported 24, Sep. 2013.

got a call at least 2 times a day and i get a man or woman saying they are collecting money for someon asking for the names of my parents by first name Quite Rude and always alot of background noise- children and loud tv or something becoming a nuisance

Reported 27, Sep. 2013.

Just received a call from that number (4:45 p.m. on a Sunday). Very aggressive male on other end. Scared me. I said I was busy and hung up.

Reported 29, Sep. 2013.

The Nasty Man was rude trying to get money!!! When I asked him who he works for he immideatly got more rude!!! Do not give money!!!

Reported 8, Oct. 2013.

Got calls from these people at 6:00pm (of course) and again at 9:00 pm on 10-7-13. Asked both times for them not to call again, but they hung up before I could finish. Many calls also made from this org. without leaving a message. I am sick of these "charities" and "pollsters"(who then try to sell a product or service) calling. Any idea how to get them to stop?

Reported 8, Oct. 2013.

Got a call today, when I answered, nobody seemed to be there. So I yelled into the phone, "SPEAK!" you called me, they guy on the other end said he wasn't a dog and then called me by my first name. Don't know how that happened since the number is registered in my dad's name. So I just hung up. A similar number had called earlier and that one left a message about the special election.

Reported 9, Oct. 2013.

This is as telemarketer. They can\'t be legit if they do not leave a message, which they did not. If it is for police, fire, vets etc. they do not solicit over the phone. If they call me again I will report the number to the FCC.

Reported 13, Oct. 2013.

I have been told time and again by PBA members and cops that no legitimate organizations solicit over the phone.

Reported 16, Oct. 2013.

Reported 20, Oct. 2013.
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