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19, Mar. 2018

Claiming to be IRS and threatening to have cops arrest me in 24 hours if I did not return call.

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6, Feb. 2018

4 allegations, called didn't say anything but could tell in the background not an English native speaker. Scam to the max

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8, Jun. 2016

I am on a Do Not Call List on both my cell phone and home number.

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17, Jul. 2014

This is the fifth time they have called and the first time I have informed them they are in violation of the do not call act.

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7, Jul. 2014

This number is sending text messages.

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18, Dec. 2013

This is the 4th time they call in the last 4 weeks. When I dial back, it says the number you have reached is not in service.

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2, Dec. 2013

Said his name was Charles and with FAST Florida Assoc State Troopers, very pushy about sending donation. Gives High Amounts starting at $50 GOVT DO NOT CALL LIST but they continue to call Almost threatening on making sure you send monies, voice wise. Robo Call used NGBHFLXA39H (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) Read more at thru Verizon.

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22, Nov. 2013

This number keeps calling us and asking for a person that does not live here. They have called as early as 6 am.

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13, Aug. 2012

These people have been calling daily for about a month at various times. Usually they hang up before the answering machine picks up. It is a recorded message. Caller ID just shows unknown and out of area; no name.

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2, Jul. 2012

These people were soliciting. And I did not appreciate the call because I was still sleepiing!