Phone: 724-300-1380

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Mercer, Pennsylvania
Its exchange 300 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number PITEPADTDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 12 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Nancy, 724-300-1380"
old man
25, Jul. 2012

my machine answered - hang up.. twice over two days.... I have stopped answering all 800-888-724 and any unusual area codes-from which I do not know.. solicitors-sales- must now be using different area codes to catch people.

polly doesn't wanna cracker
8, Aug. 2012

this number called a few minutes ago, evidently, this number is trying to get you to sell your timeshare. First of all i do not have a timeshare, second of all the foreign sounding male on the other end of the line misprounounced my last name greatly, and third of all i am on the do not call list. when asked if i could take a message they said they would call back another time and hung up/

6, Sep. 2012

I am on the do not call list and don't appreciate getting calls from this number. It happens frequently.

Rosemary M
19, Sep. 2012

Wanted to know if I wanted to sell my timeshare, they are with G.W. Timeshare I want to know if this is a scam

wm maine
19, Sep. 2012

News two days ago commented on the Do Not Call List's failure to do what the government set it up to do and that citizens are sick of being bombarded with unwanted calls. Obama administration responded that the DNC List works exactly as intended. I guess that's on par with the way the rest of our government works...meaning exactly as they intended and not working at all for us.

Stop calling me
14, Nov. 2012

Calls me at least once per day. I don't even own a timeshare.

New Hampshire
28, Nov. 2012

Extremely rude when I asked who was calling for my husband. She spelled out her name and nearly yelled into the phone, "N-A-N-C-Y." I kind of told her to shut up and stop calling--I suppose I'm tired of telemarketers and her rudeness got the best of me. :)

The Rev
17, Dec. 2012

They called my home phone and said nothing. I called back from my (blocked) cell and after punching in a couple of digits, a male answered and stated they were calling about selling my vacation time. THIS IS A MONEYSUCKING SCAM! They collect a fee and supposedly market your timeshare for rental and/or sale, often at a prohibitively high price. It is a bunch of s**t and usually runs around $1295. Save your money. If anyone is local to these scammers in Mercer PA, could you throw a dirty beating to a few of them? They are criminals that do worse than break the law- they skirt the edges of it.

22, Feb. 2013

I get a call from this number several times a week. There is no answer when I say Hello, just dead air.

1, Mar. 2013

Always calling. Stop it now! No answer. Just dead air.

14, Mar. 2013

Calling every day. Please stop this.

sick of scammers
11, Jun. 2014

Although we have a year round home in Florida, we do not have a timeshare as some comments have already suggested, nor have we ever had. .I do not answer this #, and caller never leaves a message. I just blocked the number and will report it to the "Do Not Call List" (our # on it many yrs.) when I finish here. These idiots need to be removed from our personal space!

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