Phone: 724-215-0214

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Burgettstn, Pennsylvania
Its exchange 215 is managed by US LEC OF PENNSYLVANIA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number PITBPAMADS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 47% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "J@CKA$$, No Name Listed"
8, May. 2013 Reply

They called once, yesterday (2013/05/08)

25, May. 2013 Reply

Asked if we have a security system we said no. I called back twice and waited then they hung up on me both times. Probably a scam.

3, Jun. 2013 Reply

unsolicited phone call from someone wanting to install a wireless security system. This is a scam.

21, Jun. 2013 Reply

Called my cell phone and got voice mail 6/20/2013 at 9pm

9, Jul. 2013 Reply

They have called me twice with no voicemail left.

11, Jul. 2013 Reply

Called at 8:15am and it's very annoying..because my cell phone was called.

11, Jul. 2013 Reply

Called at 8:15am and it's very annoying..because my cell phone was called.

12, Jul. 2013 Reply

rings phone off hook(cell), and does'nt leave a message!!!

15, Jul. 2013 Reply

Called about installing a free wireless security system. Asked if I was interested and I said no. They kept on going with their sales pitch, asking if it was ok to send a free security system and I said NO, it is not ok.

17, Jul. 2013 Reply

They called at 9pm and insisted that I owned a home (even though I RENT an apartment!) then he angrily hung up. I will call the police if they continue!

22, Jul. 2013 Reply

called two times today, I say "hello" and the other end sits for 10-15 seconds then hangs up.. incredibly frustrating..

25, Jul. 2013 Reply

calls my cellphone twice a day for the last week, does not leave a is getting really annoying!!!!

12, Aug. 2013 Reply

This number keeps calling never leaving a message...very annoying. I returned the call and it is a home security system services. My husband works for one and I don't have one through them. Don't know how they got my cell phone number...I only give out my house number.

17, Sep. 2013 Reply

Calls for security system - I said yes to see where it would go - they had someone call me from another number later and asked for a lot of information which I declined to provide. More than likely a scam.

24, Sep. 2013 Reply

Wanted to put in a free wireless security system in exchange for displaying their yard sign. I don't even believe it was a real person speaking. I swear it was a computer asking questions based on my previous response. It was odd.

25, Sep. 2013 Reply

empty line on call pickup - callback gives name as "security system" and their hours - time charged on my prepaid because of this c_________r - somebody find this reprobate and neutralize it

17, Oct. 2013 Reply

Got a call from "Dan" asking if I had a security system and they'd install a system if I'd put a sign in my yard! This is a SCAM. These shysters could be probing to see if you don't have a security system so they can BURGLARIZE your home! NEVER, I repeat, NEVER tell them you don't have a security system!

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