Area Code 720

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Area code: 720
State: Colorado
Country: USA
28, Jun. 2017

So annoyed at these calls!!! They never have a name displayed and always hang up after the 1st ring or leave no message. Then if you ARE able to successfully answer the phone, it's either A) Someone from India or B) A robocall This should be illegal now.

27, Jun. 2017

Scam - called me twice today. Each instance, they would call 2 minutes apart, 3 times in a row. Blocking this number and the other number that also has the 699 - prefix

26, Jun. 2017

What was the message? That would be more helpful than just telling us there was a message left. At least then we can try and figure out who the hell it was calling us & make them stop!

JP Fisher
23, Jun. 2017

This number calls our landline 3-4 times every day . . . . . . very annoying. I answered one time and it was a recording. How can I stop this?????????????????

23, Jun. 2017

Yes i want to kn

23, Jun. 2017

720 383 1074

22, Jun. 2017

This caller has called 28 times, and no messages. This is harassment!

22, Jun. 2017

I did not answer, but caller left voicemail that they had a petition against me for tax fraud. The message was kind of garbled. It was nonsense.

19, Jun. 2017

Whoever it is calls my cell number, then my landline repeatedly, but no one is there.

17, Jun. 2017

Answered said hello a few times, no answer just dear air

12, Jun. 2017

Colorado Democrats for Chelsea Clinton for president 2020.

12, Jun. 2017

Called twice today, and beeped like it was a fax machine.

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