Phone: 720-644-4455

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Denver, Colorado (644) exchange.
Around 36% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 25 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Denver Post, Denver Post"
Tony Gardea
18, Jul. 2013

Please stop calling this number or I will be forced to call the Attorney General's office in Santa Fe. My number is 575-520-1924.

19, Jul. 2013

Tony, Posting your phone number on a public forum is just about the last thing you want to do unless you want even more and nastier calls.

20, Jul. 2013

This number belongs to the Denver post sales services... Not sure why they do not leave messages - but now you know. :-)

29, Aug. 2013

Used to have a Denver Post subscription. Since it expired I get calls from them up to 2x daily. Yep, Denver Post seems about right per previous post.

12, Sep. 2013

they are trying to sell your local newspaper for your area.

12, Nov. 2013

They call me in spurts. It will be several times a day for a couple weeks. Then nothing for a month. I have asked them Several times to stop calling. They won't!!! I don't need their paper. And the way they harass callers makes me want to tell everyone NOT to get their service!

16, Mar. 2014

Wish they would stop calling.

3, Apr. 2014

Called multiple times a day: morning, afternoon, and evening. Never leave message.

17, Apr. 2014

I have realized that if you have an iphone you can hit the info button next to the number and go to the bottom and block the caller. I do this with every number I don't know and my telemarketing phone calls have gone way down!

29, Apr. 2014

I'm assuming its an ex friend crank calling me, she is that immature, she's a brat of the 1990s, so its kind of stand to reason that's their version of getting revenge against a person who has no interest in helping them

29, May. 2014

Every morning they call since my husband answered and talked to sales agent about subscription to Denver Post then to Coloradoan. He was way too nice. I kept saying hang up. He didn't so now they think they' ve got a live one. I shall report them to FTC which governs the DoNotCall list. Prob won't do any good.

29, May. 2014

If you have a Samsung go to your call log and hold down on the number. the push add to the reject list. Great feature for these phones.

29, May. 2014

You can file a complaint against Denver Post here for unwanted calls. I just did:

19, Jul. 2014

This number is always calling me and won\\\'t stop

26, Jul. 2014

Calls infrequently, but several times when they do call. Calling to drum up sales from former subscribers. Just ask to be placed on their no call list

27, Aug. 2014

they have called by number several times. I have not answered it since I don't recognize number.

30, Aug. 2014

When is it time to file harassment suits against telemarketers? I have added then to my phones rejection list and they keep calling, and calling, and calling. This is ridiculous. Who can I report them too?

Boulder resident
16, Sep. 2014

After consulting posts on this site I called the number back and talked to a Denver Post sales rep. Asked her to take me off their call list - told she would. I also told her about the many complaints on this web site and the public relations (and potentially legal) disaster they were creating for the Denver Post. Told her to TELL HER SUPERVISOR and she said, "I'm sure they're aware of it." Great !

17, Sep. 2014

Numerous calls and not one message left. This is making my decision to stop the paper even better... Never going to get another Denver Post.

14, Jan. 2015

this number calls at least 6-10 a week sometime 2 or 3 a day. They say they are with the Denver Post and want us to continue to our newspaper subsciption that we canceled months ago due to the fact we don't need a paper everyday.

5, Feb. 2015

I already subscribe to the paper. I have told them that and yet they still keep calling several times a day...

3, Mar. 2015

Based on my reading the comments it was the Post. A door to door salesman persuaded me to subscribe. The paper is a rag and I cancelled it two months ago. They did stop billing me but keep leaving the paper. I just throw it into he recycle bin.

5, Mar. 2015

I received several calls from this number with no voicemail. I finally answered and it was the Denver post trying to sell the newspaper. I said no thank you and we hung up. The called another time. Again I said no thank you. Yet the continue to call.

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