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22, Sep. 2016

Called number to request to be put on do not call list and was promptly hung up on

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21, Apr. 2016

Left a message stating that he was from the IRS and that we were being audited. That we need to call this number back immediately. Call was returned and the person identified himself as Mack Williams. Gave his officer number as IRM24681. Stated that we needed to give him our case number. My wife told him we don't have a case number and he asked for our Social Security Number to look it up for us. This is a ridiculous scam by pathetic individuals. The IRS uses certified mail. Not abusive phone calls. Please report any calls from this location to the FTC and TIGTA.

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26, Dec. 2015

Unsolicited telemarketing call about a home loan.

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30, Dec. 2014

telemarketers are calling my cell phone asking for Carol. I have been disturbed 5 times this morning.

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9, Sep. 2014

Non stop calls. Associated with 866-927-7300 & 941-548-2556

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7, Jul. 2014

they always hang up when the answering machine picks up. it comes up on my caller Id unknown name.

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28, May. 2014

Have received 3 or 4 calls from this number, they never tell me who or why they are number is a dedicated business line, it is only given out to the companies I do business with, so now 720-250-9440 is listed under "do not answer" on my phone. Also have reported to the "Do Not Call" gov list, I have ask them not to call and this number is on that list to protect from scam and telemarketing calls.

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7, May. 2014

per Caller ID, I got a call from this number, but no voicemail message was left. When I called it back, the phone just continued to ring for about 20 rings with no answer whatsoever.

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10, Apr. 2014

TOTAL SCAM. Caller said they were from Southwest Airlines but after many questions said they represented "many" airlines. Asked for manager and he said the same thing. told them to stop calling or I would sue them.

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13, Jun. 2013

this number has called many times...recorded message.

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26, Feb. 2013

When you call the number back it says it is disconnected but they keep calling from that number.