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Craigslist seller
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22, Dec. 2017

Told em to checks or shipping Didn’t respond so I assumed they were scamming

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7, Nov. 2017

I received one call that I answered and while I was on the phone telling him to put me on his do not call list, I received another call from them.

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12, Jun. 2017

I don't answer when I see a number I don't know. Heck I rarely pick up when it's a friend calling! I checked the number on the internet and I'm pretty certain it's bill collectors called Consolidated Credit. Is anyone else getting called by them?

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4, May. 2015

This company has called 4 times today about every 2 hours.

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29, Jan. 2015

I am a senior citizen and I feel like they are trying to take advantage.

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23, Jan. 2015

Classic info stealing scam.

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25, Nov. 2014

Caller ID said "LOWER INTEREST RATES". I should not receive this type of solicitation on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. Thank you!

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18, Apr. 2014

This was a recorded message about accepting the call or leaving a voicemail. They have called at least three times now!

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4, Sep. 2013

PLease stop these calls !!! I've gotten several of them in the past 2 months.

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15, Jun. 2013

These people call me several times a day, every, from different numbers. I've asked them to stop, but they just keep calling me with the recorded message. They are wasting my cell phone time that I pay for, not them. It's their turn to pay. STOP THEM PLEASE!!!!

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17, May. 2013

We have been receiving calls from this company at all hours of the day and evening. We have asked them repeatedly to stop calling. When we ask them to stop calling they hang up. They still call. We do not know who they are or what number they are calling from.

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6, May. 2013

This number calls incessantly at all hours--does not leave messages when we are away and when I answer will not give me the company name or agree to remove me from their call list. A horrid offender.

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15, Apr. 2013

unsolicited sales call!

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28, Mar. 2013

march 27th, 2013 8pm text is about posting pics on freetimedate dot com (how it was texted) with username liz00, says make an account to view. No answer when I called the number. No ring and no way to leave voice mail. No website came up when I googled it

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9, Feb. 2013

They called again. This is the 2nd time they called.

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28, Dec. 2012

They call constantly, after I have asked them to stop and put me on their "Do not call list." They continue to call, I don't answer them, and they still call. They never give the name of the company, or their name. If I call them back to ask them to stop, after they keep calling me, they just hang up on me.

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15, Dec. 2012

They call me about every other day at different times, I have told them twice when I got to talk to a live person to stop calling me.

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20, Jul. 2012

I believe a robo dialer is being used. Very annoying.