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25, Apr. 2018

This is the second time I received a call about someone hacking into my windows computer.

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14, Mar. 2018

several calls a day.

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25, Jan. 2018

I received similar calls from 2124478568.

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15, Jul. 2016

they left no message - when I called them back the VM said mailbox full

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27, Apr. 2016

Called .. no message . When I called it back it said something about a survey .. I blocked it

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5, Apr. 2016

Caller said he was with US Treasury, had thick foreign accent, gave a badge ID number, threatened arrest for insufficient income taxes paid for years 2011-2013.

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19, Aug. 2014

recorded messagesays opt outtill calls

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2, Dec. 2012

These people are a scam!!! Claim that there is a problem with your computer only they can fix. They are attempting to get your info.