Area Code 718

Additional information:

Area code: 718
State: New York
Country: USA
15, Dec. 2017

RLYBARGER UPDATE:12/05/2013 Consumer is calling with more phone numbers that are calling her.

15, Dec. 2017

I received 8 calls in one day from this company.

15, Dec. 2017

It starts as a recording then says to be removed from their list press 1, to connect to a live person press 2.

15, Dec. 2017

I have also been getting these calls over the past several days. I know PNC Investments has been sending me several mails requesting votes for board members. I did mail in one or two but continued to get the mails, If you have a diversified portfolio, I wonder whether a vote for one fund does not apply for your portfolio as a whole. If they want separate proxy votes for each fund in your IRA, 401k and such that can be a real hassle. If they can do something about that, it might help resolve this issue.

14, Dec. 2017

The sales pitch is that they are confirming your information so they can send the medical alert system to you which has already been paid for.

14, Dec. 2017

This is complete harassment and needs to stop.

14, Dec. 2017

It appears to be local number.

14, Dec. 2017

This person calls 2 or 3 times a day..Never leaves message..This need to be checked and taken care of,!!!!!!!!!!

14, Dec. 2017

They've called several times in the last week.

14, Dec. 2017

we receive 4-5 calls daily from DFKing no message is ever left and the one time I answered no one responded....

13, Dec. 2017

Call multiple times in a day, one right after the other.

13, Dec. 2017

This company has called MULTIPLE times in the past couple months!

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