Phone: 717-546-0581

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Middletown, Pennsylvania
Its exchange 546 is managed by D & E SYSTEMS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number LITZPAXEDS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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24, Jul. 2013

could be private investigator ionstalling intrusive programming to phones to permit landlines to be used as remote microphone.

29, Jul. 2013

It's a scam.

10, Aug. 2013

Hang up call to my answering machine on 8-10-2013. Caller ID shows Unknown Name.

11, Aug. 2013

Caller ID Shows 717-546-0581 of Middletown, PA > Don't know anyone there or in that area.

15, Aug. 2013

Repeated calls came in. I called back twice and each time I got a regular everyday \"Hello\" like you would expect from a private phone, then he says \"Thank you for calling backā€¦\" and proceeds to tell me about how he is collecting for the Fraternal Order of Police. Since I live in 610 area code I wonder why I am getting this call from 717 area code, so I asked \"Where are you calling from?\" This threw him totally off, but his answer threw me off- he stuttered and said New Jersey! I laughed and said since the area code is in central PA, he says he is in NJ but neither is where I\'m from \"DON\'T CALL ME BACK AGAIN OR I\'ll REPORT YOU and I\'ll supprrort my LOCAL police!\" He never called back.

20, Aug. 2013

Caller ID Shows 717-546-0581 Unknown Name. Doesn't leave a message.

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