Area Code 716

Additional information:

Area code: 716
State: New York
Country: USA
22, Oct. 2017

I did not speak with a person or press any of the option numbers.

22, Oct. 2017

This IS A SCAM CALL!. The lady asked if I am an alumni of so and so University, she said I had applied to join their alumni and started asking some basic questions such as -education, current company, etc. She said they are gonna make a website and put all my info that would help me build my business connections (!!!). Then I got doubt and asked her to send the info to my email, for which , she said they will send out the emails only when I had paid for the subscription!!. 180, 500, 780$ were the subscription fees, I cut the call. Never pick this call and give any of the info.

21, Oct. 2017

Scammers trying to collect personal information.

21, Oct. 2017

He was extremely rude and obnoxious!

21, Oct. 2017

Calls are anywhere from 9:17 am through almost 7p.m, Last call was just this morning at 11:35.

21, Oct. 2017

This company repeatedly keeps calling me.

20, Oct. 2017

They have 2 type of calls once advocating free 3,000.00 food coupon with an alert bracelet FREE.

20, Oct. 2017

They call back to back and will not leave a VM. What makes them think I’m going to answer??

20, Oct. 2017


20, Oct. 2017

First asked for my wife, then sated he wanted to talk to my daughter. All he would say it was a financial matter. When told her was calling at 6AM he argued about what time it was because of area code. Doesn't the idiot even know everyone takes there number with them now when they move. Will be filling complaints with BBB and FCC.

20, Oct. 2017

We are older and have no student loans.

20, Oct. 2017

Sent life threatening text messages, and voicemails on the home phone

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