Area Code 716

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Area code: 716
State: New York
Country: USA
23, Jan. 2018

Thank You Sincerely (b)(6)

Becky Stonerod
23, Jan. 2018

This # called me at 10:30AM pst (in Oregon) and didn't leave a message. Guess they didn't have anything important to say!

23, Jan. 2018

They left a message but no phone number and said I applied for a job on their website.....I looked up number on my phone, which looks like a Lockport number, and I never applied to anyplace in Lockport, NY. I get tons of job sites each day, but this is scary they would have my resume.

23, Jan. 2018

Kept talking to get me to send THEM MONEY.

23, Jan. 2018

This was a recorded message from a medical alert systems for seniors company, no name provided.

23, Jan. 2018

These people call more than once a day !

23, Jan. 2018

I reminded him that I was on a Do Not Call list and his number would be reported.

23, Jan. 2018

Every morning at 9:15, I get a call from this number.. Have blocked it, reported it but these calls still come through.. How do we get these call to stop.

22, Jan. 2018

I did not answer the phone, since that only encourages these junk calls.

22, Jan. 2018

"I'm calling about the letter you recently received" (Spoken with a New Delhi accent) I hung up.

22, Jan. 2018

Then you need to hit #1 to hold on.

20, Jan. 2018

No message, however I called the number back and it kept asking for my PIN number. Strange way to answer the phone!

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