Phone: 716-406-4172

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Clarence Center, New York
Its exchange 406 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number BFLPNYBFDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 28% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "????, Joya International"
25, Feb. 2014

Number is setup for outgoing calls only by the looks of it. Dead air when I picked up, then disconnected after 10 seconds. Suspect it was an automatic dialer. Agree with the other person, likely a scam

25, Feb. 2014

receive a call on work cell...caller said I had entered a draw at some store, possibly Walmart....i said no I didn't and the caller apologized and hung up...I don't have time for this c**p....definitely a scammer

25, Feb. 2014

Many people that I know who are on the Rogers wireless network here in Canada have received calls from this number today. Total scammer, I'm sure. Funny but google show some Russian name if you search the complete number with no spaces

26, Feb. 2014

Yes i am one such Canadian... received a call from them....

26, Feb. 2014

Yeah, got a call this morning from this number. Didn't bother picking up. I'm Mobilicity here in canada. Call was at 12:39pm

27, Feb. 2014

claims I entered a contest and I won a trip...I've gotten this type of call before. didn't even know my name. moment I started saying not interested, they hung up.

27, Feb. 2014

Just got a call @ 9:47, said I entered a draw somewhere possibly WalMart... didnt know my name. I couldnt even understand what they were saying to me... I said I wasnt interested... they said I had won something and had to claim the prize. I hung up.

27, Feb. 2014

Received a call from them today, and I am with Rogers. I did not pick up.

28, Feb. 2014

Have received this #three times since last few days I never attended this call...look like scamm

1, Mar. 2014

Rang at 9.30 . when answered they hang up.

4, Mar. 2014

a call with strong Indian-like accent, blah, blah, blah, seems to be scam

4, Mar. 2014

a call with strong Indian-like accent, blah, blah, blah, seems to be scam

6, Mar. 2014

Got a call today at noon. Very pronounced indian accent. As pronounced "Jova International" when asked again he spelled it as IOVA. They say the are calling me because I have applied to win in a contest and gave my number in a shopping mall. I did not visited a shopping mall since early fall 2013 and for sure I was not applying for anything. They say I won the contest bla, bla, bla My only answer was: I will not pay you anything! And then they hang up :)

12, Mar. 2014

Ignored the call. With Fido here in Canada. They didn't leave a message.

13, Mar. 2014

I'm in Canada received a call from this number on my work phone on the bell network....its a 100% scam

17, Mar. 2014

Not sure whether they're a scammer or just some type of telemarketing. Curious that I received the call on my new work phone that I've had for less than a month, but currently have my personal phone forwarded to it, so not sure which number they called - presumably my personal number which I've had for years. SImilar to other stories. South-asian accent - Indian, pakistani, bangladeshi or similar. Difficult to hear/understand at times. Claimed I had entered a contest by filling out some form in a mall somewhere. Doesn't sound like me, since I rarely go to malls and generally avoid filling out forms like that because they are mostly just trawling for names, addresses and numbers to build a calling or mailing list, so immediately skeptical, but thought I'd lead him on and see where it went. Offered me one of two vacation prizes. Was surprised that I didn't sound excited. Said he wasn't selling anything nor would they try to sell me anything, but that they were just a travel company that advertises by word of mouth. He said the company name was Joya International - spelled it out to me phonetically, so not sure if they keep changing the name over time or whether previous people had trouble understanding what he said the name was. Of course, he needed me to commit to coming to a 90 minute "orientation session" at a place in Concord, Ontario and he wanted me to book a time for this before he would give me my prize claim number. I said I wouldn't have time for that and that's about where the conversation ended, but based on how this conversation went and the 90 minute orientation session he wanted me to go to, it seems pretty clear that they're either scamming or trying to sell some kind of products or services in that session. I would suggest giving it a miss.

27, Mar. 2014

Inian accent individual phoned saying I had filled out an application for something. Couldn't understand the broken english but knew I had not filled out any "application". Suspect this is a scam or solicitation of some kind.

1, Apr. 2014

Similar to other posters, just got a call from this number, very strong Indian accent. Then got a follow-up call from a "manager" using a blocked number. Said I filled out some form for a contest in California. I was originally afraid maybe my wife filled out some form or something for some contest, but no - neither of us have been to California in years. Looks like they're just calling numbers by area code (I have a California area code on my cell phone, but I don't live there.)

2, Apr. 2014

keep getting calls at least every couple days from this number I had it blocked but you need to keep renewing the block I just don't answer any more,

4, Apr. 2014

First received one of these while in Eureka, Ca. Three months later got another one in Monterey, Ca. Added the number to the caller reject list. Have never heard a human voice, and no voice mail left after reject.

5, Apr. 2014

I live in Indiana....I have family in Clarence NY....which is where this number states on the internet it was coming from. I didnt recognize the number, so i didnt answer. No msg left. The call was rec'd 4/3/14 @ 8:20am. Got to thinking about the area code today and went out to search it....thinking it might have been someone i know. NOPE! They left no msg, which is something my family would not have done. From what i've read here, i will NEVER answer this caller. Thanks to the others for the info!

7, Apr. 2014

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