Phone: 716-335-9051

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Buffalo, New York (335) exchange.
Around 44% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Executive Aquisitions, Jim Scott"
31, May. 2012

They keep calling and texting my phone. Leave me alone....Send it in writing.

6, Jun. 2012

It was a recorded message claiming to have unresolved issues to deal with from my bank, and to call them back at 1-866-410-8063. My bank doesn't say I have any issues at all. The caller did not know my name or have any specific information about my account. The call seems to come from Zimmerman Young and Associates, but they do not have an official website.

27, Jul. 2012

I too get these calls. Usually in the evening or even on weekends. WHAT collcetion agency (legit one) calls people on WEEKENDS, particularly SUNDAYS..It is a payday loan collection person. Loan has been sold over and over..LAY OFF..

29, Oct. 2012

They keep callng me too about something of a similar nature regarding a returned check BUT when I call back and ask them to send it writing, all they keep saying is that they are at my local county court and about to file papers. Been saying that for the last 3 weeks--scammers!! As for calling back the number and not getting anyone, this is called SPOOFING--where they have this apparatus that can allow them to put in any number to show up on your caller ID so that you cannot know where they are really calling from--had this happen before and gor scammed for $200.00--expensive lesson!!

JIm Greene, Office Manager
23, Feb. 2013

Hi everyone! Wow - this is some exciting banter! Let me jus say that I am quite pleased to see so many people are aware of our business, Zimmerman, Young, and Associates. This is better publicity than Facebook! I can be reached at 866-410-8063 EXT 107. I would love to hear from you! So here are the answers to frequently asked questions: 1. Our address is Zimmerman Young & Assoc., 2211 Sheridan Dr., Suite A, Buffalo NY 14223. But guess what - we are right on the border of Buffalo and Towanda, so any letters you send will always get returned! We rigged it so that there is totally confusion for the zip codes, ensuring no pesky written letters from you people ever get delivered to us! 2. Yes, we do routinely violate the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. Yes that is illegal. Good luck prosecuting us though - our business can quickly disappear, and the next week we will start a new business with a new name - voile! We aren't afraid of the FTC, but we still get a little nervous when you threaten to tell on us! 3. No, you don't actually owe the money we are asking for. We would like you to pay us anyway! 4. No, there are not really any civil or criminal cases pending against any of you. Surprise! 5. No, there will be nothing garnished from your wages. No sheriff will serve you with a summons, and nothing has been filed in the court system in your county. Did we scare you? Fabulous! 6. We will continue you to call you, several times a day, using different people, live calls, and automated calls. I recommend that you do not answer our calls, but truthfully, we will keep it up for many months before giving up. Of course, if you like answering our calls, give us your ENTIRE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and date of birth. We would love to get even more information about you! Phish, phish, phish! 7. Yes, we are low life do***e bags, working in an industry even scummier than the payday loan business. 8. Yes, we practice being rude, disrespectful, intimidating, and bad a**. Although truthfully, we are all a**holes to begin with - we just got lucky enough to find jobs where we can be ourselves! So, in closing, just give us your money! Most of us working here have pretty serious gambling debts, drinking problems, coke habits, legal troubles, and huge child support payments that we are years behind in. Your contributions are seriously needed (but not tax deductible). I look forward to talking to each and every one of you as soon as possible! And give us your money! Sincerely, Jim Greene Office Manager Zimmerman, Young, and Associates

Ms. Christine Thomas, Head of Collections
23, Feb. 2013

Hello everyone, My name is Ms. Thomas, and I am the head of collections for Zimmerman, Young, and Associates. Some of you probably have had phone calls from me. Rest assured, you will hear from me many more times in the coming months! I can be reached at 8664108063, extension 111. I am so happy that Jim Greene, our office manager here, posted such valuable information for all of you. I do want to say that Jim gave out one incorrect fact. Most of us here have meth habits, not coke habits. Thank you for your time and attention, Ms. Thomas Head of Collections Zimmerman, Young, and Associates

23, Feb. 2013

All you have to do is call them back, press 0, and say that the person they are looking for is not at this number. Tell them they have the wrong number, and that you have never heard of that person. The person you talk to when you call them back will very politely apologize and take your phone numbers out of the system. Ha ha! NEVER GIVE THEM ANY MONEY - IT'S A SCAM!

4, Jul. 2013

Collector’s Information- Zimmerman Carole Young-Ads related to Zimmerman, Young & Associates-Zimmerman Young associate in Buffalo, NY - Her real name is-Kristina M. Young & Associates 4710 Hedgewood Drive, Buffalo, NY 14221 1(716) 631-1219 / 1-866-410-8063 EXT 107 This company even gave me false fax number-1-716-200-1715 on purpose. And told me I would be arrested by U.S. Marshals’. Her/his real name of the company is Zimmerman Carole Young age-53 Beaver, PA / Freedom, PA Cell # 1-716-748-7805 He/She uses this cell as a business number also.

27, Oct. 2013

This guys has called numerous times...threatening with summons, some guy from dade county calls (on a sunday?) and says he needs to confirm some info with me, but then never leaves a number>>>???JERKS

15, Jan. 2014


3, Feb. 2014

you people are pathetic to bad I caught on to what your were doing. let me tell you something Karma is a b***h and will bite back

18, Feb. 2014

I received a call or (2) calls from Zimmerman Young & Assoc. stating that I would be receiving a civil and criminal summons this week....but that if I called him back before it was served he could "help" me.....but if I waited until I was served....He could do nothing for next door neighbor is an attorney and promptly ran my Drivers License/DOB through the local Law Enforcement computers......and guess what NO Summons or Charges filed......these people are scammers........

20, Feb. 2014

These guys are good....I got a call today from a "Mike" calling from Bexar County. Saying I needed to call the "716-335-9051" and ask for the attorneys a Mr. Jim Scott to settle this matter of a "bad" check that a summons was being filed by 8:30 am in the morning if I did not obtain a "release of service" from "attorney" Jim Scott. Well guess what people impersonating a lawyer is a felony charge in the state of Texas....this phone number belongs to Zimmerman & Young.....they are a "collection" agency not a law firm.....they are not not ever pay them any money......I am a paralegal and ran my ex-husbands law firm for (10) county court system or District Attorney does business this is a scam......

27, Feb. 2014

Oh wow! I'm glad I didn't fall for this scam when they called. I got a call from a lady twice saying that she was scheduled to serve me papers on Wednesday 2/12/14. I didn't call back. they called again the following Monday and left another message and I called back requesting to speak with the lady who called and I was told that she was a 'Process server' that worked for 'Courier One' but I was transferred to the guy who is 'managing my account'. I spoke with this gentleman (named Joe Romano) and told him that if I did indeed owe this money, I'd gladly clear up my debt (several years ago I was in a tough spot and did take advantage of some payday loans. I didn't recall this particular company, Cash Call but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt) however, I'd need documentation that i did owe this money since when I did research on this account, the company they claim I owe money to was closed and never appeared on my credit report. The gentleman kindly explained that once this case goes to court, he could not help me but could save me the extra court, attorney, wage garnishments, and late fees if I'd just make the payment of nearly $1600 on a loan that he claimed I took of $800. I again reiterated that I'd love to get the information in writing so I could resolve debt if I owed it. He did a lot of sighing and seemed a little stressed out because all he was doing was trying to help me if I'd just give him a credit card number. He stated that Mr. Zimmerman purchased this account from Cash Call and just really wanted to get me out of trouble. Finally (after he repeated my address about 6 times) he agreed to send me something in writing but I needed to contact him as soon as I got the letter. I said I'd do so if the documents prove I'm responsible. Well I got my 'documents' in the mail yesterday and it is very OFFICIAL. The address to me is handwritten (but it is postmarked Buffalo, NY). the return address is also handwritten with a PO Box as a return, The letter is on a regular piece of copy paper and at the bottom it states it's a non-notarized copy of an affidavit. I"m assuming this is to make it seem more official. It's actually a bit comical. If I were a bit younger, I could have fallen for these persuasive methods but I'm not convinced. I am all about paying my debt but I'm not interested in being robbed. Shame on your, Zimmerman for trying to take advantage of people who are already in a tough enough spot to have to take out a PayDay loan. I understand that you are simply doing your job but you have to know it's wrong. Even with the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act aside...this is just a wrong way to go about doing things. The fella i spoke with was kind and was not threatening me but trying to persuade me that he was just helping. Joseph J, Romano (if that's your name) could be an asset to a legitimate company...I think you have skills in dealing with people but you work for a crooked company. P. S. the Wednesday that a process server was to show up at my door...they did not. Please do not fall for these scary tactics. Just contact the company directly. Also, the gentleman that I spoke with claimed there was a 'refusal to comply' alert on my account.

23, Apr. 2014

They keep calling and harassing regarding a debt collections and they are calling all the other individuals that are not related to me. Jim Scott, Zimmerman Young and Assoc. is very unprofessional. I called then today and spoke with Ms. Thomas and she states that she is mailing me an affidavit! I told her this is a scam and reported them to the Attorney General’s Office and BBB… They also stated a courier came by on March 24th, April 10th & 18th to deliver documents but nothing has surface. They are just a low life and trying to scam people!!!!!

Dead beat debters
12, Jun. 2014

You people all crack me up! Lol . You all took out payday loans because you stiffed so many othe financial intitutions that u have terrible credit. Then u stiff the payday loan companies that took a chance to help you out. I'm sorry if collectors like myself have to use these scary tactics to get you to pay what you legitimately owe. This is why America is a 2nd rate country these days. I have no problem doing what I have to do to get u to pay what u owe! Handle your responsibility ladies & gents! U know u owe the $.

Single mom
11, Dec. 2014

Dear Jim and Christine, I am a single mother of three boys. I had to divorce their dad two years ago after he became abusive and addicted to coke. You called claiming that I owed money on a payday loan taken out in 2011 for $900. The day you called was the same day that I had interviewed for a second job (because that's what I do to provide for my family, not take out ridiculous payday loans). I have never taken out a payday loan. My ex husband would take them out under my name. First my thought was to contact him and ask if he had taken this out, however two things occurred to me. First, I would have never been approved to take that much out and second he didn't not have access to my bank information in 2011 because on January 28, 2011, I filed a protection order against him after he beat me and I changed my locks and all my account numbers. If I would have contacted him, he most likely would have beat me again in front of my children. So you can joke and laugh about scamming people all day but that day you put my life and the lives of my children at risk. I know that this won't change you as the awful people that you are but I hope that it will give you some pause as you join my ex husband in hell because that is the only place for people like you and him.

6, Jan. 2015

A lot of red flages popped up when this person first left a message on my phone. Wanted to verify my name and ssn and that I had today to call back or a lawsuit was going to be filed against me. I called him back and was like "hello", I was like yeah you called me, "whats your case #". I gave it to them, he knew my email and full name and my last 4-digets of my ssn, but that was it. Gave me some bullshit about a loan I applied for back in 2011 and that I owe the application fee of $680. I then said "who is this and what is the name of your company?" He was like "Oh, my name is Mike (I think) and your going to be summond if you dont give us intent to pay this". They are total bullshit! Do not believe them! Do not give them any information! Another # they gave me to call was 1-855-545-0249. You can trip them up easy, so have fun with their bullshit because their idiots! Hahahaha

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