Area Code 715

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Area code: 715
State: Wisconsin
Country: USA
11, Aug. 2017

Same as above - the recording stated they were calling about outstanding student loans and said to "press 1" to be connected to a specialist. I pressed 1 and was connected but when I said I didn't have any student loans, and never have, she hung up on me. I didn't even get a chance to request removal from their system.

10, Jul. 2017

Received multiple calls from this number on our landline. Chose not to answer, no messages left for any of the calls received.

28, Jun. 2017

There was obvious unintended conversation on my answering machine. Caller was talking to someone else at his location... . Sounded like a "boiler room" call......lots of chatter in the background.

Finds Fakers
20, Jun. 2017

Owner's name hidden by Switchboard for privacy reasons Intelius reports as a Land line, but no location? Sounds like the FAKE ID Scammer is at it again!! Don't answer or or your voice will be recorded to enroll you in fake contracts. You'll know when you get the real court summons.

Irs Scammer
12, Jun. 2017

Scammer IRS Caller

11, Jun. 2017

Received a phone call from this weird number . I looked up the number and I think its the collection agency called P&B Capital Group. No idea why they're calling. Can anyone confirm if its them?

11, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't recognize. Heck I barely pick up when it's someone I do know! I checked the number on the internet and I think it's bill collectors called Security Finance. Are they calling just me or others are getting these as wel?

11, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Hell I rarely answer when it's a friend calling! I checked the number on the internet and I'm pretty certain that it's a collection agency called Security Finance. Is anyone else getting called by them?

11, Jun. 2017

Got a phone call from this strange number . I looked up the number and I think its the bill collectors called Financial Recovery Services. No clue why they're calling. Can anyone tell me if its them?

25, May. 2017

They call several times a day at all hours.

25, May. 2017

Hailee Marino is indeed behind harassing and stalking people. Hailee Marino stalked and harassed a buddy of mine for years, he many times feared for his life when hailee marino was bothering him. There was times Hailee Marino would follow my buddy into public places while he was with his girlfriend and cause a scene and give my buddy a hard time. Hailee Marino tells everyone it is a family member who is impersonating her, stealing her identity and she is being stalked. The truth is Hailee Marino is a sociopath and a liar. Hailee market is a very dangerous person and very manipulative. Hailee Marino makes people believe she is the victim and "her identity" is being stolen. This is not true.

15, May. 2017

Posted a craigslist item to have this # text over and over asking me to answer the phone to a different # and to press different # to connect to him. Wont stop calling. Total scam dont answer.

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