Area Code 714

Additional information:

Area code: 714
State: California
Country: USA
24, Feb. 2018

This was the second call - the first one was from phone number 9084690995.

24, Feb. 2018

This time, no human answered.

24, Feb. 2018

Leaves message from Quality 1.

24, Feb. 2018

There is no way to stop it when I ask to be taken off the list they hang up.

23, Feb. 2018

Warnings have been shared about this caller and I hope they can be stopped!

23, Feb. 2018

These people have practically called on the hour every hour for the past week.

23, Feb. 2018

these bastards are calling every week now despite previous complaints

23, Feb. 2018

Even after calling the number back and dialing any number top be removed from their contact list.

23, Feb. 2018

Message says something about a medic alert bracelet (I think) that is when I hang up.

22, Feb. 2018

They have called before leave no message just hang up tired of it it's time somebody put an end to these phone calls I am tired I don't like for my phone to ring and not answer it Phones are for emergencies if thy keep calling they are tying up my phone

22, Feb. 2018

The previous 7 calls have been from 269-7206 until this call, which was from 269-7106.

21, Feb. 2018

When I ask them not to call me again they call right back.

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