Phone: 714-602-3772

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Orange, California
Its exchange 602 is managed by COX CALIFORNIA TELCOM, INC. -
The number is currently on switch number RSMGCAHADS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 28% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "John Marsh, "senior attorney", Jenna"
5, Nov. 2013

they called and said they needed my attorney's name and number... before thursday when I would need to be defended in court... I told him I didn't know what he was talking about and then told him it sounded like a scam... he told me within an hour I would be arrested but not why... and hung up on me... he sounded very foreign

6, Nov. 2013

I received the same call as the above person, it was a women? very demanding, I have no problems?? don\'t people have a life??

7, Nov. 2013

Said I would be arrested at my place of business or at home.

7, Nov. 2013

Same here. Said I would be arrested if my attorney didn't get a hold of them.

13, Nov. 2013

Just called and left what sounded like recorded message saying that I would be arrested at my home or place of work and to call back today

13, Nov. 2013

They just called and left the same message as above that they would be here to arrest me at my home or place of work and to call back today, and good luck to me if I did not call them back. They even threatened to garnish wages. What is all of this about? Its annoying as hell.

15, Nov. 2013

Saying that i would be arrested at my home or my workplace about a case being filed against me. He also said i needed to call him right back. I dont know what this is about.

15, Nov. 2013

Same meesage that I will be arrested in my home or at work regarding my case. I dont even know the case. Nutsssy!!!

18, Nov. 2013

I receive the same call as all of the above posters from a foreign sounding man this morning. Googled the number and found out it is a scam. Waiting on the police to file a report, as everyone should do!

20, Nov. 2013

Called and threatened with criminal charges by a man calling himself John Marsh and stating that he was a senior attorney, at some sort of financial firm.

21, Nov. 2013

I receive a call from this number right know Telling me that I will be arrest tomorrow because a payday loan that I receive in march 2012. Military personnel cannot do payday loans by law. I never had a payday loan in 2012. I'm calling back to the number and nobody answer. Caller: National Cash Advance (that what the lady told me) Call Type: Debt Collector

22, Nov. 2013

Same thing happened to my husband today..freaked him out as he was told he was going to be arrested if he didn't pay them immediately but wouldnt' say for what. Thank God for this information from everyone else!

3, Dec. 2013

Same thing happened to me today. Thank god I googled the number and found all these other posts. How are they not arrested for this yet when there's so many occurrences? It's scary!!!

4, Dec. 2013

Same thing here, got call today. Its sad that there are low information people who actually fall for these scammers.

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