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Phone number: 714-598-1735

is located in Anaheim, California.

Its exchange 598 is managed by O1 COMMUNICATIONS, INC..

The number is currently on switch number LSANCAVADS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"

You are the 68th person to search for it here. There has been a total of 36 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "idk, Scam"

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Got a call from this number at 4ยจ:39 `pm. I was not home, but my recorder had this as a missed call. There was no message left on it...

Reported 3, Dec. 2013.

this number has called my cell three times, no message and i tried calling it back but nothing....

Reported 5, Feb. 2014.

Robo call to my cell phone. Hung up when there was no answer.

Reported 8, Feb. 2014.

They called me four times in a roll when I tried calling back noting happened

Reported 12, Apr. 2014.

This number keeps calling my home phone. I tried to call it back and I get a full voicemail box. I tried using 0 to get an operator - nothing. I blocked them on my phone but it still rings once and that is just as annoying. They call about 5 times per day. What company is this? Does anyone know?

Reported 26, Apr. 2014.

Called while no one was home. Caller ID said "VOIP Caller". Called just two hours after another spam call from 803-239-7330 which is supposedly South Carolina. Even though these calls are supposedly from separate coasts, I believe they are originating from the same sick CRIMINAL source.

Reported 12, May. 2014.

I just got a called from this number and a lady answered and asked me if I spoke Spanish and I said yes and she started to tell me that she wanted to do a survey on restaurants. I found this kind of odd so I told her I wasn't interested.

Reported 22, May. 2014.

Missed call and when I called back the message said Harmon Research. I keep getting calls from this number. Mailbox was full so I could not leave message.

Reported 28, May. 2014.

This number has called me twice. Once during the Memorial Day weekend. Then now. I had a feeling it was bogus, so I chose not to answer it.

Reported 30, May. 2014.

Hung up before I could answer

Reported 7, Jun. 2014.

Called at 12:55pm. Left no message.

Reported 8, Jun. 2014.

Called and did not answer This helps 714 is CA I do not know anyone in ca

Reported 10, Jun. 2014.

I got a call on my cell but didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message.

Reported 10, Jun. 2014.

Person with this number called cell phone and wanted to ask me questions, I could not hear him very well also annoyed at being called and so hung up.

Reported 12, Jun. 2014.

called my daughter's cell 8 times in a row

Reported 14, Jun. 2014.

They've called my landline at least 3 times. I've blocked them from using at least two other numbers. Persistent fuckers.

Reported 21, Jun. 2014.

4:23 pm Anaheim, ca Government needs to do what they say they will on these IRRITATORS. Didn't answer it.

Reported 21, Jun. 2014.

This number called me on 7/8 and 7/10 both between 1 & 2 pm. Silly me I called it back to hear \\\'Horman\\\' or \\\'Harmon\\\' research.

Reported 10, Jul. 2014.
Mr.O c i a

It was fun playing with them as we checked the background. The office is located in Anaheim Santa Ana Orange County the address is as follows. They might be surfing for personal information so they can call back later using Mexican government or organized crime. It is advised not talk to them.

Reported 17, Jul. 2014.

called me 4 times left no message

Reported 8, Aug. 2014.
anonymous from PR

Called me at 4:16pm, they didn't leave a message.

Reported 11, Aug. 2014.

Robo call

Reported 4, Sep. 2014.

They called me about 9pm with what started to sound like a survey. I asked them my own question "do you know what fn time it is?" and hung up. They called back 5 minutes later and I rudely let them know I wanted to removed from their calling list. "Jeremy then had a few choice words of his own. They called back 1 minute later and I let it go to answering machine. No message and no more calls back

Reported 20, Sep. 2014.
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