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Phone number: 714-591-0019

is located in Irvine, California.

Its exchange 591 is managed by MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS, I.

The number is currently on switch number IRVECAEIDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 17% of people reported it as "SMS"

You are the 10th person to search for it here. There has been a total of 41 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "Ashley Ribbnik, lisa blitch"

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Reported 16, Jun. 2013.

I got a friend requst from a girl on facebook which I could tell was fake straight away. She only had 9 other friends. All were male. I got fake messages of how I could text her on this number.

Reported 17, Jun. 2013.

i got a FB friend request, then she sent a message to call her with this number...just deleted the message...

Reported 18, Jun. 2013.

Yep, right there with all of you. FB request, cute girl, provocative pose, 3 male friends and no one else, seriously????

Reported 18, Jun. 2013.

"Lisa Jardine" is the name that requested the FB friend. if you saw 3 friends, that might be because I was added too. There was a personal message: Thanks 4 adding me.. You look familiar, do we know each other? I gotta log out right now : ( Hit me up sometime 714-591-0019

Reported 19, Jun. 2013.

Jessica Roye... Facebook message... "Nice pics..." "Ever had a massage? Lol" "Er.. I gotta go right now. :(" "Txt me today 7145910019 k?"

Reported 19, Jun. 2013.

i got this message on fb: Jessica Swartzman I liked ur photo, so I added u. U seem familiar, do we know each other? ugh I have to sign off right now)-: Text me sometime 714-591-0019

Reported 22, Jun. 2013.

I got a friend request on FB. One of her friend is someone I know. So I clicked confirm. Then I recieved some messages similar to what you guys got. I googled the number. Found this page. Look like something untrustworthy. Deleted the message and unfriended that person.

Reported 25, Jun. 2013.

Got a facebook request from Lisa Semenick and then she messages me, asked if I'd met anyone cool and then said she had to go, but left this number before signing off.

Reported 25, Jun. 2013.

By facebook, a girl with a short message: I liked your picture so I added it.

Reported 28, Jun. 2013.
Annoyed By s****s

Friend Request on facebook. 9 hours later: Ashley Brimer Thx for the add.. What do u usually do on the weekends? I gtota go right now Text me if u wanna talk 714-591-0019

Reported 29, Jun. 2013.

Her name was Nicole Stifler and i got this message on Facebook Nice photos.. Do u like piercings? hey I need to log out right now)-: Text me if u wanna talk 714-591-0019

Reported 30, Jun. 2013.
Lukmanul Hakim II

hi Jessica :o

Reported 30, Jun. 2013.

Yeah, same deal. FB request, "gotta log out right now" "hit me up later"

Reported 1, Jul. 2013.

Received a request on FaceBook and she was friends with one of my friends so I accepted. As soon as I did I received a private message from her: Thx for adding me... What do you usually do on the weekends? hey I need to log off right now Text me if you wanna talk 714-591-0019 I googled the number, let's face it, no one does this that is real.

Reported 5, Jul. 2013.

I got a FB friend request from Nicole Makarem, pretty young girl. "Thx for the add... Do you like tattoos? Hey i have to logout right now. Hit me up some time 714-591-0019

Reported 8, Jul. 2013.

I got the FB message and I decided to go through and text her to see what it was all about. It was well worth it she gives the best BBBJ's I have ever got.

Reported 9, Jul. 2013.

FB add then i got a simular message to those already reported. Liked your photo, so I added you. Do you like girls with piercings? ugh I gotta logout right now Text me if u wanna talk 714-591-0019

Reported 14, Jul. 2013.
facebook person

714-591-0019 Jennifer Koklowski got friend request on faceBook then a message: I liked your photo, so I added you. Ever had a massage? lol ugh I have to log out right now Hit me up sometime 714-591-0019 Some hooker from Irvine, CA? Unfriend ASAP!!

Reported 15, Jul. 2013.

Her new name is Sarah lablaunt

Reported 16, Jul. 2013.

i received following message on facebook. "Nice pix.. R u a glass half full or half empty kind of pesron? I gotta log out right now Text me today 714-591-0019 ." then i searched this number , its totally fake. may be some kind of trap..........

Reported 18, Jul. 2013.

I got a facebook message said,,,, I like your pic and here is my number 714-591-0019 got to go .. call me ...

Reported 18, Jul. 2013.
George Orwell

FB friend request from Lisa Benn, knew it was a scam, she wanted to text with me. Please make it stop

Reported 22, Jul. 2013.
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