714-551-6939 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services".
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Health Services, ECHOSYSTEMS"
  • Around 66% of people reported it as "Unknown"
  • Please comment about the number using the form below. It will help us learn more about the scam and raise awarness.

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17, Jan. 2014

silence at other end. tried to call back, no ring, nothing.

18, Jan. 2014

Same here...no message I wasn't home when they called. Caller ID said UNKNOWN. when calling the # back, no ring nothing but silence.

10, Mar. 2014

Never leaves a message however I am one of the lucky ones, it showed on my called ID Ecosystems, the area code 714 is in CA

11, Mar. 2014

Calls repeatedly and does not leave a message. A true company having anything to do with my household would leave a message. This is obviously a scam phone number. Received over ten calls from them today. I screen calls so I did not speak with them. I searched for the number and found complaints here. Add another person to the ones who are tired of these people calling constantly.

23, Jun. 2014

I answered this call just a few minutes ago. It was to lower your credit card rates. There was no option for you to be removed from the call list, so I pressed 1 to speak to someone. I was transferred and the man on the other end asked me how I was and I responded fine, how are you? And he hung up. I believe this is the same company (although not same number) who called me Saturday and I did the same thing hoping to be removed from their call list. The man kept me on the phone. Paid me complements on how young I sounded and then it turned into a dirty call - he told me my voice makes him so horny. I was astonished and when I didn't answer him and I put him on speaker so my hubby could hear him. I said I didn't hear what he said - could he repeat it. He must have realized what I was trying to do and he ended the call. The call was probably piggy-backed from a previous call, because the number belongs to a local couple,

9, Jul. 2014

did not leave a message but showed up as "Health Services" on my caller ID

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