Area Code 713

Additional information:

Area code: 713
State: Texas
Country: USA
20, Oct. 2017

new number 973-939-4526, when I challenged him, he started to mother f me

20, Oct. 2017

States this is last call and the calls continue.

19, Oct. 2017

He was selling window washing services.

18, Oct. 2017

Robocall scam offering a free home security system if you put a sign in your yard

18, Oct. 2017

Constantly harassing me.

17, Oct. 2017

I think it is trying to get me to sign up electric or gas service.

17, Oct. 2017

I have asked them not to call anymore and they call back sometimes the hours later the same day.

17, Oct. 2017

Anytime Cardholder Services calls, it is a different number from different states.

16, Oct. 2017

Also, heavy spam activity is associated with this number per the information from the White Pages.

16, Oct. 2017

These calls are increasing again and are so intrusive, especially when you are expecting important ones.

16, Oct. 2017

I tried call this number to request that I not be called.

14, Oct. 2017

This name David Seibert keeps calling and it's so aggravating because every time I answer it, no one is on the other end. I can't always get to the phone in time and for it to keep ringing drives me crazy especially when no one has enough respect to be on the other end! Wish they would lose my number!!!!

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