Area Code 713

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Area code: 713
State: Texas
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2018

They must be Scammers.

22, Mar. 2018

No reason for medicaire to call me at local number

22, Mar. 2018

calls multiple times per day and claims I'm having difficulty getting approval from my medical insurance, and then guesses at what illnesses or symptoms I have. When I reply no to everything, he hangs up.

22, Mar. 2018

After receiving a call from them with no message, I called back to see what the call was about. The lady wiuldn’t tell me anything until I would answer several personal/private questions about myself, which I wouldn’t unless she told me who they were. Lol she refused to tell me, so of course I hung up with no further exchange. Do NOT answer questions until they let you know who they are and exactly why they’re calling you and what they want from you.

21, Mar. 2018

I have now reregistered on do not call .

20, Mar. 2018

The call was a scam as a quick web search for the number revealed.

19, Mar. 2018

I don't understand why the goverment cant seem to find these people and stop them.

18, Mar. 2018


15, Mar. 2018

They told me I would get 2 years in prison if I didn't pay them 500 by 5 o'clock the same day. It was for unpaved rental furniture.

14, Mar. 2018

I did not pick up, but people online complained it is a scam company.

13, Mar. 2018

The phone rings a couple of times and they do not leave a messege.

13, Mar. 2018

This company has been calling over and over claiming to be AT&T.

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