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17, May. 2016 Reply

I called TWC to see if this was a legitimate call and number belonging to TWC.

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31, Mar. 2016 Reply

Called. Holloring, hello! hello! And hung up. Very annoying. It was a female. This could cause a problem in some one's home.

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1, Mar. 2016 Reply

Several phone numbers are used for this same hang up call.

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7, Feb. 2016 Reply

Lack of enforcement is encouraging this behavior.

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27, Jan. 2016 Reply

Scam! Claiming to be the IRS

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31, Dec. 2015 Reply

Called asking for my name. For two weeks constantly. Once or twice a day. I finally picked up. He asked for me by my first name and I replied "I'm sorry he is dead. Can I help you?" He hung up. Hoping he doesn't call back.

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11, Dec. 2015 Reply

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27, Nov. 2015 Reply

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5, Nov. 2015 Reply

I opted out but it keeps calling several times.

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4, Aug. 2015 Reply

was called and was told that i owe over $500 for a loan that i never took out. Was then told that if i did not make a payment i would be placed in jail the next day

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13, Jul. 2015 Reply

Some bs about Police and Trooper Association, I've already talked to the Pgh. Police about them, they're all scammers. The also called me from (412) 387-9432

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16, Sep. 2014 Reply

Came up as I on caller ID. I let the answering machine get it. Asked for me by my first name on the message and then hung up.

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11, Sep. 2014 Reply

This caller has been calling me on and off for several months.

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9, Aug. 2014 Reply

STOP CALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5, Aug. 2014 Reply

Says he is with Pharmacy Network from Tampa Fla. I have asked each of the 5 -7 times a day they call to stop calling. Heavy foreign accent, very rude and does not mind wasting anyones time. They use a different name each time they call and wants to sell pain meds.

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8, Jul. 2014 Reply

Answered a call from this number and a recording said, good bye...Why call if you are going to hang up.

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11, Jun. 2014 Reply

Been calling my cell several time.. Never a response when I answer. Called back twice.. First time it automatically put me on hold for an agent for some company and the second time I was able to select an option to put me on the do not call list

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20, May. 2014 Reply

I received a call from this number; I did not answer and no message was left

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19, May. 2014 Reply

This was not a phone call but a unwanted text message.

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6, May. 2014 Reply

Called my X husband of 20 years and said it was important court issue. I have no court issues. They called his camp not even his house

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29, Apr. 2014 Reply

These guys call every week. I keep telling them they are soliciting a number on the do not call list, but they keep calling.

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19, Apr. 2014 Reply

I got a call from these people a couple of times. The woman's name is Rachael and the man is Mr. Benjamin. He told me I was going to be arrested. And that I borrowed $2,000 in 2002. I never borrewed any money. I don't work. And. he said that I was going to spend four months in jail. Yeserday, Rachael said, this is serious. We're closing the case and that a warrent was going out for my arrest. Who are these people? Why are they bothering me? They evan gave me a case number. #393450 Could you please stop this Harrassment on me? Thank You!

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12, Apr. 2014 Reply

I live in ma and get other calls from tx that are scammers... guessing this is the same

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12, Apr. 2014 Reply

from texas, I live in ma, I get a lotta other calls from texas that are scammers... guessing this is same

ella jamison
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8, Apr. 2014 Reply

called me and said she was with the check fraud unit.

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27, Mar. 2014 Reply

Massive spam company. They are checking numbers to see if people answer so they can sell your number to others that want to spam. There is no blocking them, they use 100's of numbers.

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26, Mar. 2014 Reply

This was a recorded call again. I have received quite a few such calls. I have tried to bypass the recording and get to someone to request them to stop, and waited until the end but a human has never come on, despite pressing 1 and waiting. These calls have come from other #s and some from blocked #s. These calls are the reason I listed this phone on the DNC, but they have not stopped. Thanks!

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21, Mar. 2014 Reply

She claimed to have spoken with my husband but didn't even know his last name or where we live. She called me white trash and refused to let me speak with her "supervisor". I want to know where this woman is so I can go see her, personally.

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12, Mar. 2014 Reply

They call several times a night and do not leave a message.

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12, Feb. 2014 Reply

This was a robo-caller that has been calling our home and cell phones almost daily for the last few months. Yesterday, I spoke with a person and asked that they never call me again. But today I received another robot call. The line went silent. I'm filing a complaint.

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12, Feb. 2014 Reply

The call I received was about lowering my credit card interest rate.

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4, Feb. 2014 Reply

The person called my husbands cell phone, who has cancer, she refused to speak to me. When the phone was placed on speaker, she said "Oh wait" Then she never came back on the line. They continue to harrass my husband who is going through chemo and just finished radiation. He does not feel like talking! For the love of God....just stop calling us or talk to me.

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28, Jan. 2014 Reply

We first received a call from a blocked number that sounded like it was from overseas. I pretended to not be able to hear him well. That call came in from the identified number shown on the report. The caller immediately hung up when pressed for information about the company.

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23, Jan. 2014 Reply

A lady stated she was from the fraud division of Texas and said that she had a warrant for me for "check fraud" I have no such problems with my checks, but I do have a major problem with scammers calling me to collect "debt" constantly After I wouldnt give her any info, she threatened to send a "warrant" and hung up on me Obviously a scam!!!! I researched the number online and found that the number has been connected with many scams. Dont give her the time of day! Scam!!!

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11, Jan. 2014 Reply

this was a spam text message.

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7, Jan. 2014 Reply

We got a recorded message to press 1. Upon pressing 1 I asked the name of the company. When told that we were on the do not call list they immediately hung up on me.

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28, Dec. 2013 Reply

Very polite worked out a suitable payment plan--no complaints

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18, Oct. 2013 Reply

713-955-5516 also now using 713-955-5577

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8, Oct. 2013 Reply

Charity was name on caller ID. Did not leave a message.

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28, Sep. 2013 Reply

This number calls my home phone several times a day. They don't say anything and never leave a message. Getting tired of all these stupid hang up calls. Wasting my time and my families time.

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23, Sep. 2013 Reply

Just called, phone rang twice and they hung up

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26, Aug. 2013 Reply

I think it's a police support organization looking for donations.

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12, Jul. 2013 Reply

Called and left a message for me on my 11 year old sons vm. He was very hard to understand, as he spoke very poor English. He said he was calling from Access Loan Center. He said his name, which was inaudible, and stated that my loan request for $3500 had been approved. I never requested any loan and I can't find any evidence that this company actually exists. Said to give him a call back at (724) 215-0656 ext.413 if I still wanted the loan.

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6, Jul. 2013 Reply

they have called several times. please call them and tell them to stop it already.

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1, Jul. 2013 Reply

I don't answer and they don't leave a message!

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27, Jun. 2013 Reply

They do not leave a message. Caller I.D. reads the call is from Funds Department. Any reputable business would have the business name not simply "Funds Department".

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26, Jun. 2013 Reply

We have been receiving numerous calls of the same kind, but from different numbers. I try calling back, but it goes busy. Each time they call, I answer and it immediately clicks to disconnect. I have no way to telling these people to stop calling me. They call at all hours. I want this to stop! If this doesn't stop, I'm going to forced to unplug my phone for good!

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21, Jun. 2013 Reply

They called and didnt say anything?

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19, Jun. 2013 Reply

They call every day. pests.

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14, Jun. 2013 Reply

they say that they are looking for someone else!

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22, May. 2013 Reply

I've no idea why they'd be calling me but I investigated the number & learned it's from an IRS office at 1919 Smith St , Houston Texas.

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25, Feb. 2013 Reply

They call constantly, but I never answer. Please make them stop.