Phone: 713-955-5572

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Houston, Texas (955) exchange.
Around 41% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 36 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Govt check, n/a"
16, Jul. 2013

this number called me 2 times in a row and would not say anything it sounded like a recording first time second time i answered " Who is this" and then i heard an obvious Click. I am on national do not call list and this is my cell phone I want to know how they got this number and why I cant get them to stop.

29, Jul. 2013

I get this call and I am on a "Do not call list." Who is this?

29, Jul. 2013

I get this call numerouse times daily and I am on a "Do not call list." Who is this? I don't know anyone in the state of Texas and do not have any outstanding debt so they are not calling about an overdue account. I only have my cell phone and these calls are eating my minutes. Something needs to be done to stop unsolicited calls.

1, Aug. 2013

Just started getting these calls today. My caller ID tells me it's from Empire Market. I don't know who that is so I let the machine get it and they don't leave a message.

2, Aug. 2013

Caller said he was from US Markets and that I had requested info. When I questioned him, he hung up.

2, Aug. 2013

said I donot talk to f***kin indians and hung up, do not even think he was aware of the fact I was a white woman on the phone.

5, Aug. 2013

Continous daily calls. If up wait a few seconds, most times, someone will say something. I have asked to have my name removed from caller list atleast a dozen times!! Also calls from 8018892634;3109291360;6235526766;2535079839;7739455517 The callers are rude and will hang up on you. I got 12 calls in one day (this past Thursday, 8/1/13) I am so FED UP!!!!

6, Aug. 2013

This caller seems to be a scammer be aware

Rocket Rob
9, Aug. 2013

It is from an out of US Market on the display I have not answered and do not plan on it it calls 3/4 times a month

Camp Lujune
17, Aug. 2013

These people are only trying to take your money. Beware

19, Aug. 2013

Total jerks. Rude and forceful. Hung up when I questioned them. Said was US Market. I think they\'re in the market to take your U.S.D. Do NOT answer this number! Wish I could reach through the phone and give them some discipline.

20, Aug. 2013

Three calls from this number today. I didn't answer and they left no message. Do Not Call Registry is a JOKE!!!

20, Aug. 2013

I got this call just a few minutes ago. It's some lady trying to sign me up for a computer progamming something. I said no, she hung up.

20, Aug. 2013

I get phone calls from this # and the woman said her name is Shelby with US Market. I asked to be removed from their list and she said, and I quote, "Mmm, Mmm, Nope." and hung up on me. Real classy operation.

22, Aug. 2013

I just got this call twice in a row. It's to my cell phone as well. Let it go to the machine both times because I don't know anyone in Texas. Left no message. Tried to call it back to see what it was and there was a recording that said "this number is not in service" Several times I've been asked to be taken off caller lists for c**p like that. It's ridiculous! People like this and the recording calls are eating my minutes.

28, Aug. 2013

I have been getting calls from this number,,,they hang up on me Also sometimes immediately following a get a call from another number,,,,no messages,,,will no longer answer these calls

31, Aug. 2013

This number keeps calling me and I do have clients in TX so I have answered twice. Both times I have asked them to stop calling this number and they hang up on me . . . and then call back a few hours later . . .

3, Sep. 2013

I get this phone call at least 6 times every week. They never leave a voice message. When I pick up, most of the time nobody answers and hangs up, rarely when I get someone on the other line and when I question them they hang up on me. The only information I got was the man was offering some kind of presentation and if I have time to listen to it when I asked what they were trying to sell. When I addressed that I wasn't interested and was in the middle of trying to say I wish to be taken off the list since they keep calling me multiple times, he hung up on me. When I tried calling him back multiple times it says the number is out of service, or an invalid number. I even tried texting back to it and that didn't work either. Apparently this number is from Texas. Whoever reads these blogs PLEASE report them to the police. No LEGIT company would have this kind of customer service. This is obviously a scam, and form of harassment and invasion of privacy for calling this much on my cell phone.

4, Sep. 2013

Got 2 calls from this number. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I tried to call back once, and got the "not in service" message. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of scam.

5, Sep. 2013

I have been receiving calls from this number for several days now. They never leave a message. I do not answer the phone because I do not know who they are. It sounds like a sales call by the name, but not certain.

9, Sep. 2013

Something to do with the internet. Asked if I still had internet access and I said No and hung up. Now they have been blocked after they continued to call. I'm on the DNC guess it didn't matter to them.

9, Sep. 2013

I have gotten lots of these calls. Here is what to do even if you are on teh do not call list. ANSWER the call. Listen to what they are trying to scam. Take notes. Do not give out ANY personal information. If they want an address or number from you, give them your local police department address and number. Take down as much information from them like how to call them back, where to send in information.....etc. Then end the call. Call the FTC and report them. Give them all the details you obtained. They will investigate and shut them down. It is a pain to do....but works.

12, Sep. 2013

Two calls now this week. Same story as above comments. It went on before a few weeks ago, stopped, now here we go again.

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