Phone: 713-568-6986

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Houston, Texas
Its exchange 568 is managed by KMC TELECOM V, INC. - TX
The number is currently on switch number HSTNTXGI14W (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 29% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 24 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Gina , Global Tel Link / Prison"
17, Mar. 2013

Well 713 is a Texas area code but when I answered it, it was a collect call from a loved one in CMC State Prison in San Luis Obispo, CA. Idk how the call came from Texas. Hope it doesn't run up my bill. :/

28, Mar. 2013

Claimed to be in San Luis Obispo jail. Immediately hung up. Got two calls the next morning (did not answer) from an "unknown" number and also an 800 483-8314 which, according to a web search, wants to get authorization to bill you for collect calls. I believe it is jail house no goods s******g around because they can & have nothing better to do.

8, Apr. 2013

It appeared to be from a person that was in prison. I just hung up! It must be nice to sit around all day and play on the phone instead of working for a living! I guess it is better to be sponging "off the taxpayers." People in prison should not have access to a phone!

8, May. 2013

This is a number that GlobalTelLink uses on their system for inmates to call out. The inmates have to sign up to make calls and don't have 'all day'. As for the comment...."" 'around all day and play on the phone instead of working for a living! I guess it is better to be sponging "off the taxpayers." People in prison should not have access to a phone!'.."" I am so grateful my son who is paying for a stupid mistake does have access to me. As for the 'sponging' comment He is in a fire camp that is run 90% by the inmates plus during fire season they [the inmates] save CA huge bucks by putting their lives on the line for $1/hour!! The big spongers are the 'correctional officers' with huge benefits. The inmates in state run facilities have jobs. It is only county facilities that they are not working. (CA system) Rita it will run up your bill. I know that the pre pay system is 'fair' charges except for the fee they charge just to connect is a bummer. I hope all of you who hung up that this was a 'wrong number' call and that you didn't turn away from someone you care about that needs a helping hand.

20, May. 2013

Called eight times in three days; left no message; frequently said nothing; nuisance.

2, Jun. 2013

Well AMB, I got a call from this number and I don't know anyone in state prison.....somebody is obviously playing around or up to no good.

mother love
17, Jul. 2013

Amb thank you for clarifying to all of us. I got a called from this number and i ignored it and what you know my cousin will is in jail, i found out two weeks after this call, please do not assume and do the research after all this is a life death situation, God Bless.

18, Sep. 2013

Does anyone know what these charges look like? I have received a call twice today and am afraid it is not by mistake.I would like to be prepared if they try again. Do not know anyone who would be in this situation but you never know.

2, Dec. 2013

If you answered the call just call your phone carrier. Anyone that did not answer needs to call their carrier to report this. This is a scam. Your carrier will tell you how to block this number. NEVER accept a collect call from anyone. People in prison use prepaid cards provided by their families or bought by the money the inmates make. If someone was just arrested they are entitled to a free call. Be sure to report this number to your carrier.

28, Dec. 2013

I received the same call. I had a recording in Spanish that it was a collect from a prison and that if pressed 1 there would be no charge. Stupid!!! Of course I didn't accept the call.

1, Jan. 2014

I'm in touch with a young woman in a CA prison. She called me a couple times (collect - CA prisoners - the women at least - can't purchase calling cards) and all calls are collect, even local. GTL services the CA prison system phone calls. They are based in Texas. Probably why there's a connect fee. FCC has capped collect charges interstate. Different advocacy organizations are still working on getting intra state collect calls capped, too. Families of prisoners are also being punished by these kinds of price gougers. Initially, if you answer the call, a robot comes on and announces it's a call from an inmate, and when the inmate is identified you can either accept the call by pressing "5" or hang up. Nobody gets charged if you don't accept the call.

27, Mar. 2014

Call came from 713.568.6986 a female electronic voice said prepaid call from Folsom Prison --- then heard someone hang up.

19, Apr. 2014

My husband answered, it was a message from a prison and then hung up. Later called back in the evening after 9pm, ignored the call, hope it doesn't keep happening and we get charged for something.

21, Apr. 2014

You will only be charged if you accept the call. And as far as how much it cost. I cost me $2.08 per call! Some of you are cold hearted. I hope thats not a loved one your hanging up on.

3, May. 2014

Global TelLink. Someone from a prison attempting to call you. Cell phones don't accept collect calls and contrary to some beliefs prisoners can't use prepaid calling cars and don't get any free calls, so if they are attempting to get in contact with a loved one (especially on a cell phone) they must call through this service. If a person wants to accept these calls they must set up an Advance Pay account with Global TelLink.

cold call hater
21, May. 2014

called me twice in a row ON MY CELL phone, at 11:15 at night, those human wastes, human maggots, I hate them..

11, Jun. 2014

I answered my cell phone without looking to see who the caller was. There was a message that this was a collect call from an inmate in some correctional facility somewhere in California. I did not catch the full details, and do not know anyone in California to the best of my knowledge, so I promptly hung up! Now I see that the number is from Houston, Texas, and is a telecommunications outfit. I hope this was a wrong number. It has been hard for me to deal with. I have estranged sons that I hope will contact me someday, and I truly do not know where they are.

17, Jun. 2014

I, well my mom got a call from the number they said it was from the Huston Texas Correctional Facility. Is there any way I can call back and figure out who called, I've been searching for my biological father, and this may be him.

17, Jul. 2014

I received a collect call from this number. Asking for me to put money on an account. Pretty scary!!! Who knows what they would happen if you give them bank account information. The call came from a known prisoner the should have not made the call.

13, Aug. 2014

got a call seems from family,not home at the phone recorded 713-568-6986,number on their recording.>877-650-4249,wanted credit card #westen union to GTL advance pay,Alabama,by mail>GTL,911 722,denver Colorado,80291-1722 hope that helps, not heard or given actual address of family,only seems to be Stockton CA,old date,no prisoner # as other prisons to write them. Also,in court the deputies threw me out of the courtroom for sitting down,& a group of them pushed me out,grabbed my arm,also threatened by p defender and sheriffs deputies.where's the justice?

6, Sep. 2014

This is a call from globaltellink, the phone cards you are talking about yes it is purchase by the family and it can be bought in denomations. Only the person can used it. My son also made a stupid mistake. This is the only way I can hear his voice is when he calls. The letters are Great too. It is to the prisoners in Calif, globaltellink is based in Texas.

22, Sep. 2014

My dad got a call from this number claiming to be an inmate at a California correctional facility. He has no knowledge of whom this might be, and is upset because this happened right after he created an Apple ID. (I still think this was a coincidence.)

21, Nov. 2014

It is a legit service, However I continue to get calls randomly and I have no one that should be contacting me. I contacted Global Tel Link and spoke with a customer service rep, she took my name and number down and ensured me it will be blocked from further calls (24-48 hours to effect). we will see.... their website is:

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