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3, May. 2018

Automated call. Calls my number several times throughout the day.

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4, Feb. 2018

It sounds as if the call is coming from a "call center" as I can hear the voices of many people in the background.

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10, Jun. 2017

I think it's West Asset Management calling. I let the voicemail get it, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I don't answer.

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2, Nov. 2015

This number has called me several times and never left a message! I'm blocking them to avoid further contact...

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29, Sep. 2015

This recorded message has called my cell phone and my business phone multiple times.

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28, Feb. 2015

The phone call threatened me with legal action if I didn't return the phone call.

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12, Dec. 2014

lots of calls from this number

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20, Nov. 2014

The call was asking if I wanted to refinace my home.

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16, Jul. 2014

Left no v-mail

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26, Jun. 2014

They call 5 or 6 times a day. When I answer the phone, no one respondes. must be a robo-call. this has been going on for weeks. I can not keep jumping up for the phone.

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24, Feb. 2014

this number has been calling frequently and will not take NO for an answer. The other night they crossed the line and said they we're allowed to call until 10:00p.m. How rude!

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3, Feb. 2014

why is this number calling me

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28, Jan. 2014

Keep calling do no leave message.

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18, Oct. 2013

Keeps calling me I am going to block number believe it is marketing. When you call the number back it says it is not in service.

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5, Sep. 2013

Like you, I have too gotten repeat phone calls. It is indeed a company based out in Sugar Land. Good news, if you call that number, it goes directly to them. I implore everyone who has been bothered by these tools to create craigslist ads with their phone number. It can be simple fake ads like offering cell phones for cheap, or gay sex. They make money by cold calling. I figure if just half the people here make ads on craigslist with these people\'s number, they\'ll be getting so many calls, they\'ll have to change their number. Good hunting.

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27, Aug. 2013

THey call all the time and leave no message and if you answer the call there is no one there.

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16, Apr. 2013

We get calls from companies and we can usually call and be taken off their list. I called these guys and told them we are on a Do Not Call List. I asked how to be taken off their list and he didn't know.

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4, Mar. 2013

These people...

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21, Dec. 2012

These people call every day. It. driving me crazy! Thanks.

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5, Oct. 2012

They call more than once & hang up as soon as we answer.

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29, Aug. 2012

They call allday 3-5 times I keep asking them to stop calling but they call more.