Area Code 712

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Area code: 712
State: Iowa
Country: USA
16, Jan. 2018

I've been receiving robocalls from this number daily for the past week or so. The company does not identify themselves, but they claim to lower my credit card interest rates. The number that I have provided above could very well be spoofed for the past 3 days it did show up on my caller ID, but prior to that I got the same recording from a blocked number, showing up as "private caller". Can you please investigate and try to track down as to who may be behind this as these calls are occurring on a daily basis and are starting to get very annoying. Thank you.

16, Jan. 2018

Family were not home while going to food stores. The caller ID shows "customer care". I don't like unwanted caller. Anyway, I am deaf.

15, Jan. 2018

repeat hang up dialer

14, Jan. 2018

this is probably the third call, some of which show up with a number and others being blocked.

11, Jan. 2018

They keep calling and when I talk to someone they hang up. It's definitely a scam

11, Jan. 2018

Annoying continues calling my home and cell

10, Jan. 2018

Official Federal governments and IRS will NEVER call about these things. There initial contact will be by mail .

10, Jan. 2018

I hung up immediately and located this site to report the fraudulent activity.

10, Jan. 2018

Consumer requested they stop calling.

4, Jan. 2018

My wife has has Systemic Lupus and if I were to need to call emergency services while the call was being received I would be SOL.

4, Jan. 2018

Second time this number has called.

3, Jan. 2018

This company contacted me 15 times between 7:45am to 11:45am on Nov 1, using several different phone numbers.

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