Area Code 712

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Area code: 712
State: Iowa
Country: USA
22, Mar. 2017

They say that my computer is sending them error messages and they want to fix my computer.

Mary Ann
27, Feb. 2017

Told my elderly mother in law she had a $6 million check for her. Was irate when he called back and I wouldn't let him talk to Mary Ann.

22, Feb. 2017

Same person called two consecutive days, trying to get elderly household members to renew, when they have indicated they will not renew.

16, Feb. 2017

automated call about selling credit card services of some type.

15, Feb. 2017

No message was left either, who are they and what did they want? please make them to stop calling me... I am on DNC list...

13, Feb. 2017

calls regular, according to the internet, this is a scam to lower interest rates and an attempt to get personal information.

13, Feb. 2017

answering machine stopped recording at that point.

6, Feb. 2017

they continue to call my cell phone

21, Jan. 2017

I have been on the Do Not Call list, and this number called me.

19, Jan. 2017

calls and hangs up after the second ring, multiple times a day

18, Jan. 2017

Called my work number, I answered with my name, then they said hi is this " my name"? Then immediately hung up.

17, Jan. 2017

I do not want to call back because I fear that something else may happen.

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