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17, Feb. 2016

Saying I won $999 from Trip Advisor, selected at random for my next vacation.

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27, Oct. 2014

Call came in claiming to be west jet. Thanked me for being a valuable customer (I've never flown West Jet)... They offered me a rebate of 999 toward my next flight. Just press 1 lol

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4, Oct. 2013

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27, Sep. 2013

this no. call me 3x but i didn't answer..what i did was go to google and search for that no. then gotcha! glad i didn't answer that call..haha..shame on you!!!

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20, Aug. 2013

Says: Thank you for shopping at Shoppers Drug mart. You have won a cruise, press 1 to accept.

april fools
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1, Apr. 2013

i hate you

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9, Aug. 2012

dialed number by mistake please accept my deepest apologies

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22, Jul. 2012

Prostitute in St. John's / CBS - Newfoundland