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5, Apr. 2017

Got the same message re bell - ignored it.

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7, Jul. 2015

i pay for my cell phone minutes and dont like telamarketrs useing up my valued minutes i realy think bell should concider there long term custermers when issuing telemarkerters phone lines to bug us with

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5, May. 2015

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28, Oct. 2014

I have been getting odd messages from this number.

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30, Aug. 2014

Texted me today without any prior contact from me, and said I had not given him back something yet, id'd self as Darren and said he knows who I am. When I asked what he wanted back, he gave no answer. Very creepy person. I do not know this number or this person.

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10, Feb. 2014

who owns it

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30, Dec. 2013

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15, Sep. 2013

had this number on my phone but I don't recognize it.

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5, Jan. 2013

Vile things said ; Insults, inappropriate words againt people, bashing , verbial assult,

Sharon Cooper
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25, May. 2012

email text received, we don't open emails from unknown sources. Please advise your name.