Area Code 708

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Area code: 708
State: Illinois
Country: USA
22, Jul. 2018

Someone identifying themselves as Jacob Headley from St Paul Stamp - phone number 866.281.2955 has called a few times over the past year.

20, Jul. 2018

I'm so sick of these calls can't these losers get a life and a better f-in job

20, Jul. 2018

Does not leave messages. On here it says it is from Arlington Heights IL, however on my phone it said it said "Maywood IL".

20, Jul. 2018

No message left. I believe this strongly believe this started since I signed up with Phone was unlisted and never received calls I didn't know until Indeed came into the picture.

19, Jul. 2018


19, Jul. 2018

Here is the deal with this number - a TOTAL SCAM and run by not-so-bright people. It started on Facebook with this person: He writes me and asked if I was aware that my name was on the list of the Bill Gates Foundation (because HE SAW IT) and that I was entitled to free money just like him - he said they sent him $100,000 for just filling out a form (after personal info like mother' maiden name too - so they are going to steal your identity too for sure, no doubt). This is the "agent's" phone number, 708-622-5943, which he told me to contact. So it gets even more ridiculous than this. The Gates Foundation "agent" at 708-622-5943 tells you his name is "Agent Brown Maxwell" and he lives at 1156 Monterey Rd, PO Box 13, Otis MA (a single family home with no PO Box associated with it - see Google maps). First thing to note is this 708 number is Illinois and not Mass. So it is going to cost me $1,500 to get this and how do I pay him? I am supposed to get a Walmart gift card and then send a picture of it to him by phone so he can then "arrange for my payment with the Gates Foundation directly." I mean bad are we getting as Americans to still try to do stuff like this? Check Henrycarol's picture on Facebook.

19, Jul. 2018

message said leave message if interested.

18, Jul. 2018

Left no message, but appears to be a scam. according to previous notes.

18, Jul. 2018

I received a call from 9499302279 January 2, 2014, 11:42AM.

17, Jul. 2018

I am receiving repeated phone calls claiming that a Medical Alert system & shipping have already been paid for.

17, Jul. 2018

The robocall message indicated that the caller was the IRS. I called the number back 716-562-6564. When I asked the person who they were and what the call was about they wouldn't tell me and hung up. I called the number back three times after the hang-up and no one answered. On the fourth call someone answered and said they were from the IRS department in New York. I told them if they were for real, they already had my information and to send whatever they had to say in a letter. The person then stated they had sent two letters to my "doorstep" and hung up.

16, Jul. 2018

It is coming from a Miami, Florida area code, but the person calling has an Indian accent.

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