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1, Mar. 2016

Woman said her name was Brenda and had a foreign accent.

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21, Apr. 2015

Received about 30 calls on cell in the past month.I am on the do not call registry

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6, Apr. 2015

I don't have a credit card with a balance on it high enough to qualify or need a reduction.

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26, Mar. 2015

This fucken bitch was offering a prize to be claimed. Have the nerve to offer a free car and to call 1 888 226-6120 x 456 Chris Couba. This fucken bitch also indicated that this would be the last attempt to call me. LIES. Someone need to go over toChicago Heights, Illinois and shoot her dead. The fucken bitch needs to stop making crank calls. Where the hell would she have a car to give away, when she's most likely living in poverty.

K Jones
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29, Oct. 2014

Please be advised this is not my number and I am not making the calls. I am in the process of filing a police report of Identity thief.

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11, Aug. 2014

They are constantly calling us at all hours

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23, Sep. 2013

They call me about every other day at different times, I have told them twice when I got to talk to a live person to stop calling me.

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28, Feb. 2013

We have had this same call previously from a different phone number. The call was answered by us and it was a recording. We dialed #1 and a person answers. We said please stop calling. They said they would take our name off the list.

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4, Sep. 2012

THese crooks continue to call. Each time the robocall originates from another number, but the message is the same, and leads to a an actual person on the line. Upon my beginning to inform them that I want the calls to desist - I am hung up on by the person - without their taking my information to remove me from their call list. These folks need to be shut down because they are flagrantly violating terms of the donotcall registry and because they are preying on people with a dishonest and possibly unlawful service offer.

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22, Aug. 2012

they call my house every week!

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4, May. 2012

I asked them never to call me again.

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5, Mar. 2012