Area Code 707

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Area code: 707
State: California
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2017

They are saying they are an officer and if I do not call them back there will he charges pressed against me and I will be arrested .... it does not say what I supposedly have done or what the problem is...

17, Oct. 2017

We ask them to not call us and put our number on their do not call lists but they just hang up when we do and keep calling back.

17, Oct. 2017

Called and left message stating that I needed to call back asap or something terrible will happen-wish me good luck. Officer John Smith.

17, Oct. 2017

When I told him he had the number several times yesterday he called today I asked him to remove my number please.

16, Oct. 2017

I decided to answer.

16, Oct. 2017

This constitutes harassment in my opinion.

16, Oct. 2017

The person who was a patient at this office no longer lives here.

16, Oct. 2017

I called the number back and a recorded message says it's an unassigned magicJack number.

16, Oct. 2017

Duration of calls listed from 0-4 mins.

16, Oct. 2017

I insisted 2 more times that he stop calling me, and he told me that I had a negative attitude.

16, Oct. 2017

This caller left voicemail messages and has called me over 10 times.

16, Oct. 2017

hey, i literally just got a call from this number. when i answered, the man first asked if it was a business he was calling. after i said it was not, he proceeded to inform me that i was a winner of an award through a publishing house that i could not hear very clearly. when i was verbally skeptical about the award with questions regarding the how and why, he hung up. identified himself as "Matthew."

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