Area Code 706

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Area code: 706
State: Georgia
Country: USA
24, Sep. 2018

I work govenrment agency and have been given a mobile phone. I constantly get a lot of phone calls rom these people. A couple of days ago, I called the business from a landline to ask to be put on their do not call registry but they company terminated the call before I even gave my mobile phone number. I tried again, but then the guy said they company already had my phone number. I told them no, but then they hung up. I called yet again to ask to talk to someone. The rep told me that there was no chief and shut me down.

24, Sep. 2018

Another "card services" call asking to lower my credit card rate.

24, Sep. 2018

also sometimes they call with a pre recorded tape , in spanish thanks .

23, Sep. 2018

The company called our phone many months ago. They called repeatedly. They constantly said they were calling for a chick I didn't have a clue about. When I indicated that I didn't know this person, the company disconnected me. I was pissed.

23, Sep. 2018

I am so prepared to sue this number. I believe that somebody called Mary used to own our telephone number. This business won't stop calling. These kinds of calls for wrong numbers have to stop. I cannot stand them. The government cannot seem to stop them, but I reckon they will stop calling when I take them to court.

23, Sep. 2018

Obviously he is not one bit afraid of the National Do Not Call Registry!

23, Sep. 2018

I received a phone call fro Ashford University tonight. Why would @ cal me ? We need to know.

23, Sep. 2018

Ashford University just called my cell phone. My best frkend heard dial tone when he answered. I have no idea why they phoned. This online forum is useful.

21, Sep. 2018

There was over 10 calls from this number on my landline today... it’s a recording warning me of my arrest for unpaid tax filings......grrrrr

21, Sep. 2018

I'm so angry that I can't even speak. My aunt got a call from this place. They asked her for my home address. The person said I owed money on a credit card bill. How dare they phone somebody I know? I cannot find anybody to straighten it out.

21, Sep. 2018

I am still plagued by these disorders, making basic living difficult.

20, Sep. 2018

According to Google, this is a widespread phishing scam.

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