Area Code 706

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Area code: 706
State: Georgia
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

Each time I called back I was thanked for calling the corporate officebut did not say what corporation.

20, Mar. 2017

Telling them to stop calling you Does Not Work.

20, Mar. 2017


19, Mar. 2017

I received a call with a recorded message asking to speak with a Hispanic womans name and asking for a case # The call did not indicate a business on the Caller ID I called back to ask them to stop calling me, and asked them why they are calling me-she would not tell me the full company name and mumbledshe laughed and indicated my Caller Id was privateand she was just calling at random without a cluethis appears to be a collection agency or scam-

18, Mar. 2017

I told him he would see.

17, Mar. 2017

These are not charities, etc., which is mentioned on your web site.

17, Mar. 2017

I had no option to tell this company to not call my phone number or to refuse the offer.

16, Mar. 2017

It is a recorded message saying that it is about the economic stimulus and reducing my credit card payments.

14, Mar. 2017

I get a call from this number 4-6 times a day (this is on a modest scale). When I try to call back, the line rings continually for several minutes. I have tried to "return the call" a couple of times, and this is the standard result for me. The caller does not leave a voicemail message, they just call multiple times instead. I haven't had the opportunity to answer yet, as it appears the caller chooses to call during my work day, in which I cannot take the personal call on my cell.

9, Mar. 2017

Money Investigations Incorporated is a professional corporation that has over 25 years of expertise with all forms and types of collections and recovery. We also provide skip tracing and searches necessary regarding the retention of past due balances in commercial, consumer and private notes. Our techniques for disclosing liquid and real property that hold equity are above reproach. Brand transparency helps minimize any litigation expense and prepare a real-time valuation that assess scores and procedures of intent which calculate the most expedient process for recovering the greatest amount legally possible regarding our partners and clients placed default(s) and charge offs no matter specific criteria. Attention to “due diligence” reserves all rights of compliance giving full protection and security in respect to all data received and entered into our system.

6, Mar. 2017

The same robocall, got the similar voice recorded about headset problem from a different number also... I believe a scammer... so it's better not to answer them, just block this number too!

3, Mar. 2017

Total computer generated using keyword search to determine the nature of my question.

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