Area Code 706

Additional information:

Area code: 706
State: Georgia
Country: USA
10, Aug. 2017

One of many numbers that they are using with a message about lowering interest rates. If you stay on the line it just goes dead.

4, Aug. 2017

answered call and there was music and misc. noise , no one spoke. I said nothing and after about a minute they hung up. Scammers can now have different numbers show up on your caller ID than the true origin #. My caller id once showed my own # as calling when it rang.

4, Aug. 2017

Did not answer

2, Aug. 2017

Someway this guy used my phone number to contact my brother concerning a truck repo. How can he clone my number legally? He only had my number from the reference paper for the car loan. This should be ilegal.

2, Aug. 2017

They are very persistent and they don't want to hear I'm not interested. Once you answer the phone, even if you say I'm not interested they continue to call it's so aggravating.

27, Jul. 2017

more ILLEGAL scumbags trying to sell Medicare plans- blocked

26, Jul. 2017

This person jumps over recorded line message and says can you hear me or how are you doing today try get you say ok .

25, Jul. 2017

Called, No Message

24, Jul. 2017

Blocked unknown number

24, Jul. 2017

Where and who is it

21, Jul. 2017

robot call probably they steal Ur neighbors number and call try callling back with voip android app two can play that game

20, Jul. 2017

these Bastards don't say anything..empty air

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