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Phone number: 706-805-1775

is located in Athens, Georgia.

Its exchange 805 is managed by SWIFTTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC..

The number is currently on switch number ATLNGAMQRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 30% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"

You are the 88th person to search for it here. There has been a total of 36 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "Would not identify company or himself when asked, refused to give"

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Cell phone rang at 1210p CT on 10/21 in Springfield, IL. I answered it on the 3d ring but the caller hung up. I figured it was a marketing call of some sort. I did NOT call back. Most aggravating.

Reported 21, Oct. 2013.

Robo call to landline, I pressed 1, person offered to lower my credit card interest. I told them no and to not call again.

Reported 22, Oct. 2013.

credit card co

Reported 23, Oct. 2013.

Prerecorded message to refinance my non-existent credit card debt. SCAM, designed to rip-off the desperate perpetrated by scum. Please report to the federal no call list to shut these a-holes down.

Reported 23, Oct. 2013.

they roll numbers - I've blocked 20 or so of their numbers. Filed complaints with the FCC on each. Talked to my phone company about them.. Still, the calls come in about every other day.

Reported 26, Oct. 2013.

I just will not answer when I don't know who is calling.

Reported 27, Oct. 2013.

I have received several calls from this number. Not sure if it is a telemarketeer or scam. CAlls come at all hours of day and night.

Reported 28, Oct. 2013.

Frequent caller...Never answer.

Reported 6, Nov. 2013.

I asked if they could take my number of their call list and the person responded with "B^&^h don't kill my vibe"!!

Reported 8, Nov. 2013.
Jorge Santana

I told them to self fornicate and will cotinue to do so if they keep calling.

Reported 10, Nov. 2013.

Received incoming call from 706-805-1775 that caller ID identified as card member services (CARDMEMBER SVCS). Did not answer call and did web search for number and several identified it as a scam call with alleged program to reduce interest rates on credit card. Not the first of this type call I have received before but first time from this particular number with a Georgia area code.

Reported 11, Nov. 2013.

I asked them to take me off their call list as I was on the Do Not Call list, and he answered with a barrage of obscenities. Is there any purpose to these comments? Will these companies be held liable for breaking the law?

Reported 14, Nov. 2013.
Michigan Phone User

Recorded message to Press *1 for assistance about my credit card debt, which I do NOT have at all. I don't own any credit cards. Please report these telemarketers to the proper authorities. I'd hate to see anyone be scammed.

Reported 15, Nov. 2013.

I have had numerous calls from these idiots and am sick of it. I DO NOT have credit cards and don't want any. SCAMMERS------next time they get the whistle in their ear.

Reported 15, Nov. 2013.

I did not hear an original call, and they left no VM. Since we have friends in Area code 706 I returned # in Recents. A recording gave me option #1 to be put on their "do not call" list, which I did. I guess this is as painless as possible.

Reported 16, Nov. 2013.
Mar Jones

I get very few scam calls on my cell phone. I answered this one to have my number taken off their list. After the recorded message about lowering my ccrd balance they said to push 1. When I got a live person they asked if I was responding to the c crd offer. I said yes. Then they asked me about my balances I started to ask if they could take me off their calling list but then they hung up on me. When I called the number back, a recording said, "If you would like to be placed on our "do not call list" press 1" So I did. Then a voice said, "the do not call is activated." We will see if that works.

Reported 18, Nov. 2013.

I have had many of these calls over the last 6 months. Alway the same messag: This is your 2nd and final notice to reduce your credit card rates. I am on the National Do Not Call List. What purpose does it serve to have a system that these hacks can continue to call.

Reported 20, Nov. 2013.
sick of it

also on do not call list. have had several calls from them and will not pick up unknown/unwanted calls

Reported 21, Nov. 2013.

Never answered call.They never left message.Looked number up,found this.they probably some scammer telemarketers...

Reported 26, Nov. 2013.

Please remove 573-883-3167 from your calling list. We do not want to be bothered.

Reported 26, Nov. 2013.

I cannot tell them not to call me because the call is a recorded message. This is about the 5th "second and final" call from this company.

Reported 27, Nov. 2013.

It is a credit company that wants to offer credit. Another time they called and I told them to take my name off the list and they hung up on me.

Reported 2, Dec. 2013.

Amy identified the company and said she was located in Wilmington, DE. Filed FCC complaint.

Reported 6, Dec. 2013.
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