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7, Nov. 2017

At least this one provides a phone number to call to have my number removed from the list, but somehow these FAX's continue to arrive.

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6, Feb. 2017

Pretending to support the fire department is not all they do. [A local fireman says the Charlotte Firefighters Association is a scam.]. Their LinkedIn is at

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24, Jan. 2017

they called again

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27, Jul. 2016

My incoming call log shows that I have received a call from this company every day except weekends for well over a month.

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30, May. 2015

First person on line sounded like a high-tech responsive automated and second person wanted me to put my donation on a credit card right away...when I said I was not comfortable, they did agree to mail out info...we will see...not too comfortable with this call

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7, Apr. 2015

I have been filing complaints with you and the calls still keep coming.

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16, Jun. 2014

THis number called today and ask for my sister . This person was very rude and ugly. THis person kept calling me GEttho and call Obama a bad name. Obama did not have any thing to do with this conversation. I block this number from my phone.

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27, Jun. 2013

EVERYNIGHT THEY CALL 7046251566 6/27/2013. 6.53PM

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5, Jun. 2013

Our number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since the Registry started.

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7, Jan. 2013

My phone number should be current with Not sure what else I can do.

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16, May. 2012

Thsi phone numeber is sending me explicit sexual harassing txt messages. I do not the caller and when I call back they do not aswer the call,