Phone: 704-247-4057

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Charlotte, North Carolina
Its exchange 247 is managed by MADISON RIVER COMMUNICATIONS,
The number is currently on switch number CHRLNCTAW40 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "704-247-4057, anonymous"
24, Apr. 2013

I take from the previous person that this is a scammer call. I don't answer anymore numbers I don't know and check here first. I will also report this number with the do not call list.

4, Jun. 2013

Keep calling, picked up and no cqn we stopl them...what hqppened to the "do not call" registry...

8, Jul. 2013

I have had this number call me a good 15 times, and I never actually get the chance to answer because i'm at work. What the heck is this for? Also I have never gotten a voicemail from them, so i'm assuming that it's a telemarketer or something....either way its annoying.

16, Oct. 2013

Called me today, rang 4 times and hung up when I answered it

8, Nov. 2013

Called and didn\\\'t leave a message. I received a call from an 800 number shortly before that. From what I understand, if you pick the phone up and answer these calls, they identify your number as an active number and will continue to attempt to call. Unfortunately, I previously made that mistake and now we seem to get lots of these calls from different numbers.

19, Nov. 2013

I'll get a spurt of calls from this # - I never answer. After about 3 calls it stops for a few days, then starts over again, sometimes from a # in Florida. Sav

10, Jan. 2014

A lot of times these companies have a process of calling that involves dialing 3 or four numbers at once and whoever answers first gets the call and everyone else following will have missed calls/ hang ups.

21, Jan. 2014

I keep getting calls from these people. II use an app called Call Control which is excellent for these jerks. You simply put them on your "Black List" and the phone will pick up and hang up at the same time so they can not even leave a message. Highly recommend it as it has many other features to adapt to your calling profile.....

unknown name
24, Feb. 2014

They call at least eight times a day.. When I answer nothing is said.. I don't answer anymore...I have to get on a do not call list..

10, Mar. 2014

Called.I didn't answer .No message left.

12, Mar. 2014

I didn't answer

13, Mar. 2014

I don't know who this number belongs to I wished they would stop calling me...if it does not stop...I am going to give this number to the local police department.Thank You.

18, Mar. 2014

Offers a car or home insurance quote called after 10pm. BLOCK them!

19, Mar. 2014

Called last evening, we didn't answer, no msg left. Has called today twice, two hours apart, didn't answer, didn't leave a msg. I'm fed up with callers like this and these callers are becoming the norm. We keep our land line for two reasons and taking unsolicited calls isn't on of them.

2, Apr. 2014

I keep receiving calls from this number. It is very disruptive and unfortunatley I am all to familiar with "scammer" calls. I find it unfortunate that when I have actually answered these "scammers" all seem to have the same accent..doesn't help the situation... WE DONT TREAT EACH OTHEER LIKE THIS!!

25, Apr. 2014

We are on a no call list. They call several times a day and we do not answer. Caller ID states unknown caller. Well today better be the last as we have notified New York State Dept HSMT.

23, May. 2014

Keep getting calls from this number ... very annoying.

18, Jun. 2014

I have received 7 phone calls from this phone number trying to sell me insurance. When I tell the female person to quit calling me it doesn't seem to help. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau if it keeps on. This is what you call bad way of doing business.

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