Area Code 703

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Area code: 703
State: Virginia
Country: USA
21, Jul. 2018

I keep asking them to be put on their do not call list and they continue to call me.

20, Jul. 2018

This was one of a series of 10-12 calls similar we received from a different number in the last 2-3 weeks approximately.

19, Jul. 2018

No message was left. Don’t pick up your phone. Junk call.

19, Jul. 2018

I tried calling them back and it says the number is no longer in service

19, Jul. 2018

it does not identify the business it is trying to solicit for, nor does the caller ID.

19, Jul. 2018

Had a voicemail from a call at 9:29 PM on office phone. Clearly they did not mean to leave a message. it was almost 4 minutes of static (like they were calling while driving) and a few words being said with laughter but I couldn't make out what. Reading other comments reminds me of a scam in the 90s when they would call to verify your company info for a directory and ask questions that forced you to say YES. I was young and fraud wasn't as big as now so I answered their questions, is your address this? I said Yes. Then they sent us a bill for $300 saying when they asked me if I had the authority to approve being published in their directory I said YES and they played back my voice. My boss didn't believe them and we never paid the bill. I wonder if these people need to record YES for something like that by asking a basic question to get a yes and hang up? Be careful.

18, Jul. 2018

Consumer was asked to pay $1600 to obtain the winnings.

17, Jul. 2018

No idea who they are or what they want.

17, Jul. 2018

This collection agency calls here for a family member that does not live here.I have asked to stop calling, the person they want does not live here!

17, Jul. 2018

as always , does this site really even work ?

13, Jul. 2018

I don't call back. In past, it's never helped to answer and try to ask to be removed/stop being called because they hang up. DO YOUR JOB, LIST.

13, Jul. 2018

I have recieved 4 calls this morning from 4 different cash advance lenders they all hang up on me when i try to get information on why they are calling me

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