Area Code 702

Additional information:

Area code: 702
State: Nevada
Country: USA
24, Feb. 2018

UPDATED:06.24.14 Consumer called back w/additional info on the calls he's receiving.KBoone

24, Feb. 2018

Asking them to stopo does no good.

24, Feb. 2018

Thank you for any help you can give.

23, Feb. 2018

Don't know who these people are , first call from them.

23, Feb. 2018

Caller kept calling but did not leave a message

23, Feb. 2018

Also calls restricted numerous times as well.

23, Feb. 2018

How can you help stop this harrassment?

23, Feb. 2018

You also receive a free medic alert bracelet.

23, Feb. 2018

I hung up on him but the number kept calling my phone overnight.

Daniel B.
22, Feb. 2018

It's a third-party bill collector that won't tell me their name and who calls me everyday asking for the previous resident who lived in my home or used my address for a credit card application or something... I just keep blocking numbers when there's no voicemail left and no name comes up under caller ID. I do pay the $3 for the caller ID feature through AT&T which I can't stress the value enough of getting for $3 or while I'm talking about Cell Phone features you can get roadside assistance for about $2 a month through AAA and AT&T your bill $2.40 a month and it covers whatever car you are in at the time of needing AAA. So if you were in your friend's car and it needed a tow you can use your no deductible AAA through your AT&T plan as a feature add-on. For about $30 a year you're totally covered and I have not seen a limit of how many times they will help you I have used AAA through AT&T and there is a shortcut it's like pound 2 2 2 or something... if you want to read more about this company calling me see below. Essentially though I don't know who it is all I know is they say they removed me from their list and they keep calling everyday. I really don't care cuz they're the ones wasting resources and overhead trying to reach someone threw the incorrect phone number. Bill Collector calling for a WOMAN named Kathy. I told them they had the wrong number they said they would remove me from the list. They continue to call and think that I am answering this person Kathy's phone calls because she is in that and they don't believe that my number is my number. If I don't know the number and no caller ID shows up it's always an unwanted call. This number calls me every single day one today and they never leave a voicemail. Or a variation of this number bike 702-930-8011 or 8012 or 8022... I have no idea what that collection company it is however. I have hung up on them multiple times after they won't tell me who they are or who they represent. They try and say that they have an exclusive offer for so and so and then try and get them on the phone and it's a debt negotiation offer which is nothing and then they can confirm that they made contact on such and such a day and the person knew about the debt

22, Feb. 2018

Investigation on the Web indicated this is a telemarketer number.

22, Feb. 2018

3rd call - called every day even when I told them to lose my number!

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