Area Code 702

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Area code: 702
State: Nevada
Country: USA
11, Dec. 2017

Didn't answer, didn't leave a message, sounds to me like a scammer for all the comments, can't wait for someone to ask me for money.

11, Dec. 2017

Calls often, leaves no message, i will block now. For what good it will do. They will call back from a different number. Scumbag telemarketers .

Luiza Snottgrassd
10, Dec. 2017

This may or may not be the number, but the guy who called said he had sold my Ma a walk in. She bought what she thought was a walk in tub and they delivered a walk in freezer. The delivery guys set it up in her living room and now all her furniture is on the porch and the other tenants are mad and the landlord says the thing uses up a lot and when it is on auto defrost the water runs out the door. Her dog and kitty hate the thing and she cannot sleep with the noise and the smell and the fact that there is now no room. Other than that we dont know nothing and want a lawyer before we say anything more.

10, Dec. 2017

I don't answered. On the voicemail: The unknown-caller didn’t left a message, yet I clearly could heard background noise.

10, Dec. 2017

Clearly fake advertisement. Don;t fall for the bait and switch

10, Dec. 2017

I informed them I am on the National Do Not Call registry (for several years now) and they hung up.

10, Dec. 2017

I met Kevin on a social website but after meeting my 8-year old daughter, he started taking inappropriate photos of her. He's a sick child molester and I had to get a restraining order on him!!!!

10, Dec. 2017

This is the third time they have called me after I have asked them to never contact me again.

10, Dec. 2017

When I answered the call, it rang once, then someone picked up and started with their opening.

10, Dec. 2017

I have submitted a complaint report on this number before.

9, Dec. 2017

Frequent calls from this recorded message on both home and cell phones.

9, Dec. 2017

He never gave his name or the name of the company before he hung up in frustration at not being able to communicate with me.

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